GIANT RED SHARK vs GIANT BOMB – Amazing Frog – Part 149 | Pungence

– There’s a red megalodon, whoa! We got a giant bomb. I keep doing wheelies. How do you like that? You wanna get in the way? Ooh, there it is right there, whoa! The wick is lit! Guys, here we go! Hey what’s up guys, welcome back to Amazing Frog, guys. My hand is shaking […]

Playing As A SHARK With GTA 5 MODS! (Brutal)

wat yeet There’s nothing like taking a nice nap on the beach in Santa Monica look how beautiful this place is. Oh my goodness Wait, wait, what’s that in the water? Oh Oh wait. No, it’s just it’s just people swimming. I thought it was a shark or a tsunami screet But we’re fine. We’re […]

Fake Friend Request (Sketch about annoying fake catfish facebook request from hot girls) | VLDL

What’s her name? Do you guys ever get this catfish friend requests? Ah all the time Let’s have a look ??????? She will be real bro, woman of your dreams good woow, Obviously she’s a fake person absolutely She’s got no friends, no photos apart from this incredibly hot profile picture Oh, I see she […]

Disable the Trap in Shark Bait – South Quarter Eel’s End – Basso Job – Thief 2014 Guide

To get to Eddy Levack’s office go near the objective marker and shoot down the boxes. Jump over the beams and climb up the rope, or shoot a rope arrow to the beam above you if there is no rope. Go into the office and roll over the floor trap. Go to the cupboard ahead […]

Annoying Orange – Double Rainbow Trout (Ft. Jacksfilms & Felicia Day!)

-Hey, crabs, hey! -We’re not crabs. We’re rainbow trout. -Oh, I assumed you’re all crabs, ’cause you all sound so crabby! [laughs] Krabby Patty. -Ah, fish sticks. -[groans] -(female voice) Heh-heh. That was funny. Oh, wait. I got one. Hey, hey, Orange, I think you’re the “zest.” -[laughs] Who’s the bigmouth bass? -I’m Gilly. Nice […]


– What’s up guys, we are here at the Wildlife World Zoo, Aquarium, and Safari Park, and we’re gonna spend the day doing all the attractions, seeing all the animals, and experiencing Adventureland for the very first time. You guys excited? – Yeah. – Apparently, there’s a zipline that goes across the animal compound, so […]

GIANT SHARK EATS ZOMBIE FROGS – Amazing Frog – Part 154 | Pungence

– Do you see what I’m seeing? This one’s coming after me. He’s going in! Whoa, he’s blowing up cars. His limbs are going all over the place. Oh no, no, he’s coming for me. Hey what’s up guys, welcome back to the Amazing Frog guys. We’re in trouble, look at this guys, we got […]


– Noah and I are gonna fight to the death. It’s time for the shark fight! – Hey guys! – I’m Eden. – And I’m Noah. – And I’m Hope! And we’re the – Super Hero Kids! – It’s time for – Challenge time! Whoa! – Which game should we pick first? (overlapping excited talking) […]

Can You Feel It? with Chrissy Teigen

-Guys, here’s how this works. We’re going to have a number of mystery objects brought out in front of us, and our job is to guess what each one is. The catch is that we have to figure out by touch alone. [ Laughter ] Honestly, I — really, I said it’s a fun game, […]