Catching Tiny Fish With Tiny Rods

(fun happy music) – [Narrator] Many modern-day fisherman have a big fish story. But in Ancient Japan, the tiniest fish was the big catch. (speaking in foreign language) (moves into dreamy music) The art of tanago tsuri is named after the tanago fish- one of the smallest fish in the world. (speaking in foreign language) […]

An Eel To Never Feel | The Aquatic World With Philippe Cousteau, S2 EP 7

– Where is it? – I put it over there. – By the couch? – Yeah. – Oh. An electric eel, magnificent. Our submarine is docked here, in the Amazon River. – We could have gone to the Orinoco River but our dear Desiree wouldn’t fit. This is the only other place in the world […]

Jellied Eels, Anyone?

– [Narrator] So, these are jellied eels. Eels in jelly. – [Booming Voice] Jellied eels! – [Narrator] And these are ells with no jelly, like, loads of eels, drawers of eels! Hold on to your seats! This might get a bit weird. (quirky music) So, we’ve got this giant giggly bowl of jellied eels (animated […]

Tracking Trout With the Fish Whisperer | That’s Amazing

– [Narrator] In my career, I’ve never met a single person with his passion, ever, and there’s not even a close second. – I get bloody. I put my body into the capture of the hunt. – The guy will go anywhere, climb any mountain to catch a fish in a stream. He’s doing basically […]

Diving Into the Hidden World of Seafood Sculptors – Mini Documentary

Beauty is art and art is finding the beauty in things that are art which is beauty. We’ve been perfecting our craft for over 30 years but we still find something new with each piece. I’m Blue Azure And I’m Blanc LeBlanc. And we’re seafood sculptors Seafood and ocean byproducts have always been our material […]