BABY SHARK | Kids Songs | Pancake Manor

Baby Shark Mommy Shark Daddy Shark Grandma Shark Grandpa Shark Hungry Shark Yikes, I do not want to get near a hungry shark. That’s why I’m safe and sound… *munch* Excuse me Inside a shark Oh no kids, how do we get out of here? Get out of here? I was just getting comfortable! You’re […]

360° GTA 5 Megalodon Shark Attack in VR | GTA 5 360° VR Video

hey hey you man yeah turn around man you welcome welcome to the dock we got to get going though we don’t have no time to talk I’ll explain everything on the way there’s a crazy creature said to be roaming these parts let’s go ahead and head over there now in case you’re wondering […]

Our work ethic – Social Catfish

Catfished Every Wednesday, we get everyone together from our US and Sri Lankan offices for a video call To discuss what we were working on for the week We find that weekly calls better ourselves and the relationships we have with our employees, we definitely don’t micromanage Our motto here is get shit done Catfished

3 Tips To Control Aquarium Algae

VISIT MY FISHKEEPING WEBSITE: What is algae? Algae is a photosynthetic organism that lives within our aquariums. There are many types of algae, but they share similar traits and can be generally encouraged or inhibited to grow in similar ways. Algae is a naturally occurring organism; it can and will enter every aquarium by […]

Another Grayling but no brown trout…

now I’ve only been fly fishing for this year I only started May oh haha Rubbish cast. So my casting is terrible However so far it’s fooled some fish some of the time and my last trip down to the river, which was last week, I did manage to fool two grayling which I always […]

Trout Fishing with Scary Grasshoppers

ooooooh! It’s got stuff coming out of it’s mouth! What does? Look at that nasty little thing! God! I can’t hold it anymore! How am I gonna get it in with the other one in? I don’t know Oh!ho!ho!oh! It’s got stuff in it’s mouth! Get it! It’s called tobacco Oh my God! Get the […]

How to Set Up a New Aquarium – Fishless Cycling – DrTim’s Aquatics

NOTE: As of Nov 2016 use 4 drops per gallon of our ammonium chloride not 1 drop per gallon as mentioned in this video NOTE: As of Nov 2016 it is 4 drops per gallon not 1 drop

Heritage Minutes: Jennie Trout

Send them home! Get rid of them! Gentlemen, gentlemen, please. And so, this organ, which I regret I cannot name because of the presence of these members of the weaker sex. Who, although they are married, could not possibly endure… Get them out! Patience, Jennie. Patience?! Get them out! Dr. McFarland! Mrs. Trout. There’s no […]


I Don’t want to do it. I don’t want to do it you guys come do it. Somebody else. Come do it. Maybe i could poke him out Okay so in the last video. We set up the saltwater aquarium completely. It’s ready for fish today We’re going to move them in them And we’re […]

THE BIGGEST FISH | Feed And Grow #2

*high five* Top of the morning to ya laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye! And welcome back to “FISH Feed and Grow”! I smacked my hat in the start of the intro *laughs* That was stupid. Um Yeah, okay, so I wanna play the beta map this time. I think, well I played all the maps […]