Ultra Clear Water: Lake Trout Fishing

Walmart Trout Fishing Challenge

Reservoir TROUT Fishing!

(digital music) (static) ♫ If you’re having girl problems ♫ I feel bad for you son ♫ I got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one ♫ Hit me (rock music) – [Narrator] Today, we’re fishing the Wachusett Reservoir. This is one of the best fisheries we have here in central Massachusetts. You have the […]

Cattaraugus Creek Steelhead Trout Fishing

(eerie symphonic music) (upbeat dance music) – [Fisherman] Now so we have our main line to a float. – [Man] To a float. – [Fisherman] To a barrel swivel, to a shot line, to our lead to our hook. (epic music) Unbelievable fight, look at that. – [Man] I’ll tell you what man, we’re gonna […]

Ice Fishing: Catch Trout In MINUTES!

– What’s up everybody, welcome to the show today, and on this episode, we are recording from the ice! – And we’re going to show you how to catch fish in just a few minutes. (dramatic music) Step one in your ice fishing trip, get the adequate equipment. – My first piece of equipment would […]