Monster 2 metres Catfish Poland / Olbrzymi 2-metrowy sum Polska

This Giant Fish Attacked My Hand! | Catfish Noodling

Hey you’ve been fishing but have you ever caught a 50 pound fish with your hand? We’re in Oklahoma baby and we’re noodling. (upbeat country music) This month we are in Lake Eufaula, Oklahoma takin’ Vince Howell on the most epic, crazy, wild adventure we’ve done yet. Hey, I’m Vince Howell. – [Peter] Vince is […]

Best Catfish Bait Ever for River Fishing Spring Channel Blue. Thunder turns them on.

Hello, Today I would like to show you how to prepare night crawlers for fishing Catfish. Especially in the Spring they are going to be right up on the river bank. Anywhere there is a lot of brush. Out of the current. If you can find a 90 degree bend, just around the corner from […]


Yuri: we have start the camcorder now after 10 minutes fight because the spot is full of trees…so we had very troubled for pull the fish out of danger…. Yuri:…the catfish pull like a pig…ahhhhhhhh… Yuri: go go….I want see you…. Yuri: the fish stay in the shadow of the boat… Michael: the fish we […]

Giant catfish trying to eat a turtle

I wanna see this we’re going to pull a catfish onboard wow! he’s pissed off he’s like you’re not taking my food common catfish, let go of him come on bud, release him he has a strong, strong grip the turtle is stuck in there and it is going to die there we go He […]

Laos Thai Morning market – Giant catfish in Market

Hello, My name’s Phumjai Chaiyasorn from Amazing Food Channel. Today in am in the thai-Laos morning market in Mekong river Thatphanom city, Thailand. Every Monday morning open from 05.30-11.00 pm. Market here, Lao people bring local food to sell in Thailand. The market here is a big market. Bamboo shoots in the garden, price $0.63 […]