GIANT SHARK EATS ZOMBIE FROGS – Amazing Frog – Part 154 | Pungence

– Do you see what I’m seeing? This one’s coming after me. He’s going in! Whoa, he’s blowing up cars. His limbs are going all over the place. Oh no, no, he’s coming for me. Hey what’s up guys, welcome back to the Amazing Frog guys. We’re in trouble, look at this guys, we got […]

GIANT CATFISH (LEVEL 1000?!) – Feed and Grow Fish – Part 44 | Pungence

– Okay, what’s this rampta doing? He’s in the shell! We can only take like, four more hits from him. Oh, man, no, don’t do this. That’s gotta be one of the scariest things I’ve seen! Hey, what’s up, guys? Welcome back to Feed and Grow Fish. So guys, today we’re playing as a catfish. […]

Does The Megalodon Shark Still Live?

This video was made possible by WIX. If you are ready to create a website, head over to to try out one of their premium plans right now. The biggest Great White Shark ever discovered and reliably measured was a 20 foot (6.4 meter) long, 7,330 lb (3,320 kg) shark found off the waters […]


– Okay, poison. Ooh, great white shark can’t see me in here, can he? Dude he’s right there. Oh my goodness, this thing is OP. Guys, we’re gonna get really big. It looks like I’m flapping wings or something. There he is, dude let’s go for it. Hey what’s up guys, welcome back to Feed […]

NEW GHOST SHARK! – Feed and Grow Fish – Part 83 | Pungence

– Here we go, (upbeat music) Ghost Shark versus Whale Shark. Okay, two Tiger Sharks. This guy won’t get off of me. Um, he’s doing a lot of damage. Oh! Dude, did I get him? Hey, what’s up, guys? Welcome back to Feed and Grow Fish. So, guys, today I’m so excited. We’re playing as […]

GIANT WHALE SHARK EATS A GIANT WHALE – Feed and Grow Fish – Part 88 | Pungence

– Is there anything around me? Wee, that’s a Mosasaurus. That’s a dinosaur fish. Why does my eye keep going out of its socket? Look at that. This is the hardest starting fish I’ve ever seen. Oh no, guys, we’re getting attacked. You think I could fit a big giant whale in that mouth? Hey, […]

NEW METAL SHARK! – Feed and Grow Fish Christmas Update – Part 115 | Pungence

– It’s a crab wearing a Santa hat. You don’t remind me of Santa Claus, you killed me! What? Dude, look at that! Please, we open it? Achievement! Guys, do you know what day it is today? That’s right, it’s the best day ever. Guys, it’s update day, we gotta brand new update in Feed […]

GIANT SQUID vs 100 VAMPIRE LEECHES – Feed and Grow Fish – Part 108 | Pungence

– I gotta bad feeling about this. Yes what happened to his tentacles? He’s going in circles. This is what I’m talking about. He’s flying, he’s flappin’ his wings. Look at all those teeth! Vampire leaches attack! Hey what’s up guys? Welcome back to Feed and Grow Fish or as I’m calling this video, Feed […]

NEW BABY ROBOT FISH BECOMES REALLY BIG – Feed and Grow Fish – Part 86 | Pungence

– Oh my goodness. Dude it turns into (bleeps). Look at those big eyes. Oh my goodness guys, we’re having babies. He’s not gonna attack me, is he? Okay, just swim on by. It’s like a Mecha Bibos family versus a hammerhead shark family. Who’s gonna win? Oh, great white shark! Great white shark, you […]

NEW FISH CAN SWALLOW ANYTHING?! – Feed and Grow Fish – Part 113 | Pungence

– Look at the size of him. He’s so huge. I’m gonna swallow him now. What was he doing just shaking his head like that? He’s just going right for me. You wanna piece of me? My controller is vibrating like crazy! What just happened? Hey what’s up guys, welcome back to Feed And Grow […]