Watch this 14 Year Old GMO Activist Smackdown This Bullying ‘Shark Tank’ Entrepreneur

spring wife’s I let’s do this audio cassettes to get saw this audio I am newsperson on America blog this is fourteen-year-old anti GM 0 activists Rachel correct she’s Canadian this debate is taking place on a pro Gamo Canadian the will make Canadian TV show I can remember the name but its I am […]

10 Healthy Foods You Should Never Eat

– Hey guys, Jason Z. with Today we’re going to be talkin’ about the 10 healthy foods you should never eat, no where, not anytime. There’s a lot of misinformation and confusion about products labeled organic, free-range, sugar free, fat free and the list goes on and on and on. I know it can […]

Plant power: Plants vs fish!

So, population growth means more mouths to feed. We eat a lot of fish, but the oceans aren’t getting any bigger and most of the fish we consume is now farmed. That includes salmon, an important source of long-chain omega 3 fatty acids that keep us healthy. But in order to maintain high levels of […]