Fish & Tank Care : Refilling a Fish Tank With a Python Hose

CHRISTIE OWNES: Hi, my name is Christie and I’m with Expert Village and I’m teaching you proper care of fish today and a little bit about the different types of fish. Now I’m going to teach you how to fill the fish tank up. I’ve got the python on my hand with a hose pinch […]

How to Set Up a Goldfish Tank | Aquarium Care

To set up a goldfish tank, let me define tank. Most people, when they buy a goldfish, when they win a goldfish at a carnival, it usually comes in a bowl. I think goldfish bowls are one of the top sellers at aquarium shops, so let’s talk a little bit about bowls, and then let’s […]

Sesame Street: Bert Gets a Fish Tank

[BERT CHUCKLING] [ERNIE SINGING ] ERNIE: Hey, Bert. Woo-hoo! Old Ernie is here to save the day, Bert. BERT: Save the day? Uh, what do you mean, Ernie? ERNIE: Well, I’m going to go out and play catch with you. And you won’t have to watch any of those silly fish anymore. BERT: But Ernie, […]

Setting Up a Fish Tank with Live Plants | Aquarium Care

To set up a planted aquarium is very similar to a regular freshwater aquarium but the plants are going to need very bright lights and when you have bright lights in the tank to promote photosynthesis you’re also going to get a lot of undesirable algae. So it’s a balancing act between having just enough […]

How to Pick Fish for a Fish Tank | Aquarium Care

There are a lot of options when picking aquarium fish. I really do recommend you get the advice of a good retail store employee. Find somebody with experience. Somebody that knows the specifics about your aquarium. The size, what your budget is, whether or not you want fish that are going to outgrow the tank […]

Costs of a Saltwater Reef Tank | Aquarium Care

When setting up a reef tank they are not cheap. You can get a turnkey small nano setup for several hundred dollars that has most of the equipment you would need. It has the protein skimmer, a good light, stands, everything you need to set it up. You’re going to need some supplies: some salt, […]

Easiest Saltwater Fish to Keep | Aquarium Care

The easiest salt water fish to keep would definitely be fish from the grouper family, the damselfish family, triggers, lionfish, eels. These are the fish that people have been keeping since the beginning of salt water fish keeping, the 1970’s, 1980’s, when people really started to see this as a viable hobby. Only recently have […]

How to Remove Red Algae from Fish Tank | Aquarium Care

Okay. If you have red algae, you probably have a salt water aquarium, because we don’t usually find red algae in a freshwater aquarium. Just in case, your algae looks a little bit reddish, is in a freshwater aquarium, and it’s more like a rust color, that’s probably just brown diatom algae. That plagues most […]

Asia’s Biggest Aquarium Fish Market Kolathur (Chennai, Tamilnadu ,India) with english subtitles

Today we are going to see about asia’s biggest aquarium fish market kolathur its a heaven for pet lovers because here you can find all kinds of fishes and pet animals People are coming from different place to purchase their favourite pets and approximately 1.5 to 3.5 lakhs people visit this place daily how kolathur […]

How to Solve Common Fish Tank Problems | Aquarium Care

Common fish tank problems would be your fish are sick, they’re not eating, the fish’s eyes are cloudy, just general health concerns of the fish. To fix that or to solve those problems you’ve got to look a little bit deeper. Let’s find the exact cause. Let’s see what’s wrong with the fish. Is it […]