Man Jumps from Dock to Catch GIANT Turtle!

we stayed low and out of sight boom bubbles… the bubble trail inching ever closer a giant beneath the surface this was the moment we had been waiting for oh dude is there a head up right there? strait out in front of us? looking down into the Blackwater I saw an ominous shadow rising […]

Idahoan Mountain White Fish; an UNDERWATER Adventure/Documentary! GoPro

We’re underwaaater! There doesn’t seem to be anything… oh, wait.. waaait… Look at that! A school of fish right next to me. They weren’t really interested in what I was throwing at them, but I think just standing in the river changed the current enough that they were able to come and sorta find a […]

Mackerel fishing Herring and Water Wolf/Slow motion – Makrillfiske Landskronabåten – Øresund

– Bottom or mid water? Bottom! Really nice fish! Nice! Really nice! Wow! Damned I drop it! – Mackerel? Yes, it was! Damn! – Bottom Peter? No, a few meter up! – A few meters up?

Herring/Cod fishing ocean with Sula leucogaster Brown booby – Brun sula på kroken – Øresund

– Damn! – Big ones, give em to my brother! Let me come closer! – Nicklas! – Keep on so we can get a hold of him. – Nicklas! Let’s trade places you and I! Let’s trade places! – Looks good! – Grab his head when he comes up. – Be careful! – Grab him […]

White Shark Cage Diving – South Africa

We’re with White Sharks Project here in South Africa and we’re about to go diving with Great White Sharks. Well we’ve spotted our first shark, we may be going in soon. We’re in and we’re ready! woohoo Looking for some sharks! One Two Three, Down Whoa Wow! That was awesome, they got really close that […]

Je teste l’ULM Shark

I try the light aircraft Shark Thanks to my friends and enjoy the video Wouaaa it is beautiful Landing gear variable pitch propeller empty weight : 290 kg auto pilot Onboard Shark 🙂 Parachute rescue system The engine will heat up about 5,10 min To check the balance weight I climb on the wing and […]

Fishing Rainbow trout – Jig fishing – Fiska Regnbåge – Rögle dammar

Damn! This one was bigger! Okey, the last run… No no, under the jetty! I’m in trouble! Hell, no good! I’ll be damned!


today we’re gonna test the GOFISH camera so I put my GOFISH camera on the line, I’ve got some lead here, and my dead bait will be there, and then I’ve attached this camera on the line with a stronger line here which goes to the reel. Now if you take the weight of the […]