Dwarf Gourami Freshwater Fish Perfect for Mid sized Aquariums

Dwarf Gourami Freshwater Fish Perfect for Mid-sized Aquariums

Top 5 Centerpiece Fish for your small to medium sized Community Aquarium.

Hey Everyone Cory From aquarium co-op today i want to talk about centerpiece fish for 29 Gallon tanks and Smaller it’s One of our most Requested questions here in the store? People come in and Say I’ve Got a 20 Gallon or i’ve Got a 10 or i’ve Got 25 and i want one fish […]

All The Varieties of Freshwater Gourami is Shown in This Video gourami fish

Dorf gourami a peaceful shy fish that if in a pair will swim together there like a heavily planted tank with lots of floating plants they are compatible with other small peaceful fish as well as fellow gourami loud noises often scare them so the tank should be in a quiet area they are a […]