Greek Fish Plaki Recipe : What is Greek Fish Plaki?

VICTORIA GUTAVAS: The recipe we’re making today is fish plaki. It’s a wonderful recipe that actually originated on a small island in Greece called Kefalonia. I actually grew up with this recipe, and it’s my pleasure to share it with you today. My Great-grandmother [PH] Fortini actually learned it from her mother who I was […]

The Mediterranean Diet or a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet?

recent studies have shown that higher Mediterranean diet adherence scores are associated with a significant reduction in risk of death heart disease cancer and brain disease but the problem with population studies like these is that people who eat healthier may also live healthier and so how do we know it’s their diet is the […]

Greek Fish Plaki Recipe : Ingredients for Greek Fish Plaki

VICTORIA GUTAVAS: Welcome back. In this segment, I’d like to share with you all of the ingredients for the fish plaki. As you’re going to notice, these ingredients are very simple. And the reason is that they’re simple is that, in the Greek village where this dish was originated, they didn’t have complicated ingredients, which […]