Animated Shark Facts – Sleeper Sharks

Sharks. They are one of the most mysterious kinds of animals. Hardly any other creatures in our oceans are as fascinating to us as as they are. However, despite sharks being one of the most diverse animals on the planet, with more than 400 different species, only a handful of them seem to be appreciated, […]

Rare Encounter with Greenland Shark – Adam Ravetch

The Greenland Shark is probably one of the most bizarre creatures on the planet. It is actually a deep-water shark and it is prehistoric. It has an extra gill slit than the modern day shark so it comes form another era. It lives at thousands of feet, on the bottom, so very few people know […]

Some Sharks Live for 500 Years, What Can We Learn From Them?

Most species of shark evolved in the oceans before the first trees evolved on earth. They’ve been around up to 450 million years and have survived 4 mass extinctions so far.Many of the OG ancient sharks that first started to appear millions of years ago remain virtually unchanged today, like this frilled shark–yeah, that guy’s […]

7 of the Most Uniquely Fierce Sharks

[ ♪ Intro ] Sharks come in a lot of different shapes and sizes, and not just big, bigger, and “God, help save me!” Worldwide, there are at least 500 different shark species, and most of them aren’t the bazillion-toothed, seal and surfer-terrorizing nemeses of the deep that Hollywood tells us they are. The great […]

Super Sharks!

when you think of a shark what do you picture in your mind do you think of a big thing sticking out of the water or maybe a huge set of sharp teeth sharks are some of the most famous animals in the ocean but do you know what makes a shark shark well for […]

Top 10 Biggest Sharks In The World Ever Recorded

For years, Hollywood has depicted sharks as man eating beasts that lurk in the deepest, darkest parts of the ocean. Here are 10 largest shark species that would make you fear the ocean forever.! Number 10. Goblin Shark Sometimes called a “living fossil”, the goblin shark is a very rare shark to see, since it […]