Where to Wade Fish – Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

It’s kinda like hunting. You’re actually stalking the fish. You’re in their environment, getting out of your environment. WADE FISHING IS AS BASIC AS IT GETS. NO BOAT, NOT A LOT OF GEAR… Nice fish Ethan, pretty! AND THE REWARD CAN BE GREAT. Awesome, look at the color on that. [music] AWAITING YOU IN THE […]

Seafood Sustainability at Publix

MUSIC We do not set a timeline on sustainability. To us, sustainability is really a journey and not so much a destination; there’s not an end point. For us, sustainability is about continuous improvement. We feel for sustainability to truly take hold in the industry, it requires a partnership between the retailer, the industry and […]

The Middle East’s cold war, explained

The Middle East is one of the most complex regions in the world: Currently there are 4 failing states and 3 wars, with major powers increasingly taking opposite sides. Countless armed militias and terrorist groups are spreading violence across borders. The region has seen conflict after conflict going back well into the 20th century. But […]

How to Measure a Fish

Today, we’re learning how to measure a fish. Measuring fish is important not only for your records but to make that you are following state size limits. When we measure fish in Florida, we use either the fork length or the total length of the fish. You can use a device such as a rigid […]

Family-owned seafood market sells fresh fish at great prices

there’s live blue crap comp runs from the Gulf to vibrant red snapper if the eyes are clear that that tells you that you know it’s fresh roses seafood has it all y’all dropping prices 475 a pound for your Atlantic salmon that’s better price than any grocery store I remember stuck lemon – yeah […]