Getting Too Close to a Whale Shark, Guppies, and Awesome Arowana

Hello everyone. I’m in Manila, in the Philippines. I’m going to be showing you some fish, guppies, and arowana’s that I saw at Cartinar Pet Center. Stay tuned to the end of this video for swimming with whale sharks and this awesome arowana. This Pet Center had a lot of different stores all crammed in […]

Fancy Guppies Contest, INSANE Aquarium Guppies

what’s up fish tank people dustinsfishtanks bringing it to you on a Sunday maybe how’s everybody doing I’m doing well I am at the Americans live bears convention here this is my first ever American libraries convention I drove from Lexington I wasn’t sure if I was going to go to it or not […]

Watch Beautiful Santa Claus Guppies Growing: 1 Day Old to 16 Weeks

How’s it going everyone. These are my male Santa Claus Guppies. I’m raising them in an outdoor 50 gallon tub. These Santa Claus Guppies are perfect for outdoor fish tubs and ponds because from the top view they really stand out with their white iridescence, white pectoral fins, and red tails. These are the females, […]

When A Guppy Fish Having Babies

Beberapa hari yang lalu… Seekor ikan gobi yang indah sedang menunggu kelahiran Tanda gavid semakin merah dan gelap Perutnya berubah bentuk menjadi persegi Dia terus menerus menggosok badanya ke batu dekoratif ini Dari waktu ke wakti dia akan diam dan menatap kosong Dia dapat merasa kedatangan mereka Hari ini adalah hari yang ditunggu Burayak pertama […]

How to Care for Fancy Guppy Fish. Poecilia reticulata Million Fish. How to set up a guppy tank.

hey guys Cory from aquarium co-op today I want to talk about fancy Guppies my favorite fish I am a fancy guppy nerd and so I’m going to tell you about how to keep them alive and you know tips and tricks so you know the fancy guppy is stranger to no one everyone’s seen […]

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