A Trout Stocking Tale With John Lee Thomson

My name’s John Lee Thomson and I’m the trout stocking coordinator for the state of Georgia. Georgia Department of Natural Resources in cooperation with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service stock a million catchable trout in Georgia each year. The catchable trout is a fish that reaches about 10 inches in our hatcheries and are […]

How Georgia DNR “Makes” Brown Trout

Hi! My name’s John Lee Thomson, and I’m the hatchery manager here at Lake Burton Fish Hatchery. We’re here at Lake Burton today, and I’m going to tell you a little bit about the brown trout element in our Georgia trout program. All the brown trout in our Georgia trout stocking program originate from a […]

Trout Stocking – Maryland Department of Natural Resources

We stock over 300 locations in the State of Maryland. We’re here for the fishermen. We try to help them out in any way possible. The put and take program is created basically to supplement the streams with Trout and the native populations just aren’t capable of providing this type of fishery. We primarily start […]

Blue Catfish Production at Farlington

They don’t taste like chicken. They don’t taste like channel catfish either. That’s why many Kansas anglers prefer blue catfish – a white meat, particularly-tasty gamefish that can grow to giant sizes of more than 100 pounds. And that’s why Kansas Wildlife and Parks grows these potential bruisers for stocking into Kansas reservoirs. Late October […]

Your National Fish Hatcheries, Places for Fish and People

[ Nature Sounds ] [ Silence ] [ Music ]>>The Pacific Northwest, a place of beauty and bounty. Fifteen national fish hatcheries are nestled along the fabled rivers of Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. National fish hatcheries aren’t just places for fish. They’re places for you. There you can explore a whole underwater world, learn about […]


Hi this is Carl the landscape guy. Today I am taking all the fish out of the pond. In order to do that, I will use a seine net sponsored by Fisch-Gehege.de. They produced this high quality net exactly to fit my pond. I chose a black mesh 7mm netting, not only to get the […]