Adam Olsen on the Broughton fish farm decision

So many British Columbians are disappointed by the BCNDP’s decision on fish farms. What would you have done differently you might ask me? Well, after receiving the Ministry of Agriculture’s Advisory Council of Finfish and Aquaculture (MAACFA) report in February 2018, the BC Green Caucus would have told the Broughton fish farms that their provincial […]


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Fish names in English & Tamil | 50 varieties | By Supreme Seafood

Hello . Welcome. Welcome to Supreme Seafood live webcast. Live from Supreme Seafood warehouse in Chennai . We are doing Home Delivery for the past five years in Chennai and we are in fact the pioneers in Home Delivery throughout India and we have done more than 1,50,000 Home deliveries exclusively in the seafood varieties […]

Best And Worst Betta Fish Tanks Subscriber Edition Episode 2

welcome back y’all it is Tuesday which means it is time for tank reviews today is another subscriber edition so I will be checking out a few of y’all’s tanks I absolutely love what wonderful jobs you all have done I’m putting together some of your tanks out there and I really really enjoy doing […]

How to Combat Stress Naturally

if you have stress in your life and I say if doesn’t everybody I think so this is it is called vitamin code this is garden of life that’s one of my favorite companies garden of life they are a great company that makes very good pure products this is a raw B complex I […]

Fishing & Bait : Fishing With Bait Oils

Today I’m going to tell you a little bit about fishing with bait oils. Bait oils have been around for a long time. They have been in the fishing industry, commercial fishermen use some of them. Charter fishermen use them as well as recreational fishermen. What it is basically is oils derived from bait fish. […]

Spicy Fish Curry Recipe by Lalit | Best Way to Make Fish Curry | Fish Easy Recipes

Hey.Hello everyone As you all know since a few days I have come here to my mom’s place my mother is a working mother.So basically from 5-6 days my mom has cooked various dishes and if you want to see those recipes then search Mala Sinha recipes. you can get a lot of recipes of […]

Why super bugs are the biggest threat to humanity

Super bugs, the drug resistant infections, are set to kill over 10 million people across the world by 2050 – that’s more than currently die from cancer. And, according to a new report, the trend is set to get worse. But what exactly is a super bug? Examples are e coli, malaria and TB which […]

Transporting Fish

So our fiberglass tanks here actually have two compartments in them um, they’re brand new. They’re made out of fiberglass with a wood core, and each compartment can hold 1,200 gallons of water and up to 7,000 catchable size fish in each compartment. Uh, we have pretty sophisticated system on here that mixes the water. […]

Fish Oil

Hey Misha, have you ever notice how fish have really good health? They never seem to have heart disease or memory problems or inflammatory issues like arthritis. What’s up with that? Well, that’s because they take fish oil Really? They have natural fish oil humans have to take fish oil So you’re saying Misha that […]