CARP FISHING – EUROBANX 3 with Alan Blair and Oli Davies – Nash Tackle

Miles travelled 2880 Red Bulls Consumed 24 Countries Visited 5 Venues Fished 18 Alan new rigs 82 Oli new rigs 4 Cameras lost 1 Number of showers 2 number of carp 32 This Eurobanx 3 As always these trips require so much planning and preparation But even with the best of plans as usual it […]

What about outcomes in the Ofsted Inspection Framework? – Gill Jones | The Famly Interview

Outcomes are always important because they define readiness in the early years. A child that is well on the road to being able to read, or to be confident in all the areas of learning, that’s important so we’re not saying outcomes don’t matter, they do, but the journey to the outcomes is really important. […]

On Your Lunchbreak

you ever uh, you ever feel like just killing a co-worker? Maybe not even because they took the last doughnut, but because you have 10 minutes left on your lunch break and you’re all like what else do I have to do, right? but because you have 10 minutes left on your lunch break and […]

Jeet Gill : Jeena Aagyea ( Full Audio )

i felt lots of love on you it was like god’s glitters infront of me their is no one like you i think now i have learnt to live i think now i have learnt to live Hoooo……. please hug me my love i have no one without you i have no one without you […]

Sharks for Kids | Great White vs Hammerhead | Shark Week for Kids

I’m a Great White Shark. I’m a Hammerhead. I’m a fierce predator who eats seals, sea lions, other sharks, dolphins, sea turtles, and even small whales! I could go on. It’s your turn. I like to eat stingrays. But when I can’t get those, I’ll settle for some small seafood on the bottom of the […]

A Tribute to Gill Dalley of the Soi Dog Foundation

I don’t think too many people achieve their goals, their aims, their dreams… um, and I’m not one of those people who’s going to go to the grave thinking “what if?” There’s nothing I haven’t seen I don’t think. You get dogs with their jaws wired up so they can’t eat or drink. Dogs set […]

A day in the Life with Gill

♫ Music ♫ Hi my name is Gillian Pelkonen I’m a dual English & Textual Studies and television radio film major with a minor in private music study. So a typical day I wake up around 7 I get up I feed my cat, I go to class at 9:30. I have 9:30s every day […]

Posham Pa: Offical Teaser |Mahie Gill | Sayani Gupta | ZEE5 Originals

Posham Pa, brother, Posham Pa Oh what have the thieves done? Knicked a hundred rupee watch! Now they will have to go to jail Eat the stale bread in the jail Drink jail water from a pail yes Now they will have to go to jail Hide, hide, hide, hide, hide, hide Caught Keep the […]