Spring Sea Trout fishing. Fishing Vlog

I gon’t go fly fishing because I have to.. I go fly fishing because i need to It’s not just a thing.. It’s a lifestyle.. It’s a passion Gonefishing once again It’s saturday.. I was here at the same spot Last saturday and I caught a 60 cm trout And what i saw was when […]

Sea Trout Fishing From Boat – Chasing Silver On Shallow Water!

Today we are at one of the danish fjords, to chase some winter trout. Its a bit different today, because the weather and water temperature has dropped the last days. So the seatrout are gonna gather around in schools, and can be a bit hard to locate. So yeah, a bit different from normal seatrout […]

Fishing Sea Trout In Öland – Chasing Big Sea Trout In Sweden!

Finally we are here at Öland. – Sure thing! And you know this place? – A bit yeah, have been here a couple of times before. We are on the west coast of Öland, in the Kalmar region. We had expected a bit more wind today, but this weather looks promising as well. Think you […]

Sea trout and pike on the fly. Fishing Vlog

What are you fishing with Frank? ha? What are you fishing with Frank? Jiggy! Spring is finally here And the sun is out today and it’s easterholliday for me at least it couldn’t be more perfect to go fish for sea trout I don’t know if i’m going to catch any but I sure as […]


This silvery and extremely heavy trout Jumps out of the water like seven, eight, nine times And it’s like six feet through the air It’s absolutely ridiculous, we can’t believe our own eyes Now we got home from Samsø, Denmark. Definitely one of the most insane fishing trips you could ever imagine Never thought we […]

FLY TV – Springtime Silver – Sea Trout Fly Fishing in Denmark

I am Steffan Jensen. – And I am Claus Eriksen. You are watching FLY TV. Today we are chasing springtime silver. Welcome back to a new episode of FLY TV. We are back in Denmark together with Claus from Go Fishing. We will try some serious sea trout fishing. Can you tell us more about […]