Trout hatchery management: Shocking trout ova to ensure healthy trout

Hatchery Management: Shocking ova to ensure healthy trout G,day, so this stage of the process is called shocking. After 18-21 days we do what’s called shocking which is basically, we get a tray full of ova and we siphon them out of the basket in the top tanks into a second basket on the ground. […]

What’s the Best Fish?

I am a fan of fish and my favorites are sockeye salmon, sardines, kippers, herring, black cod – these are all omega-3 rich fish – trout also. If people aren’t going to eat fish then I think it’s very important to take fish oil as a supplement.

The Best Fish Oil Out There with Dr. Jeff Davis

nation but actually going back finding what the root problem was it started all that mess in the first place getting the right supplementation giving the right vitamins the right ingredients to make your body work properly again how many people love the effects of the Phyzix MD like Calm and Clear Just for Her […]

Rou Bhapot Diya | Steamed Rohu Fish | Healthy Assamese Steamed Fish

Perfect for the health conscious & packed with some robust flavours, this North Eastern delicacy will steal your heart! Mustard forms the flavour base for this recipe. We use both black & yellow mustard seeds. Start by soaking your mustard seeds in water for at least 1 hour. The yellow mustard seeds are milder in […]