EASY VEGAN SNACK IDEAS » for students (or anyone, really)

Now I don’t know about you But I am somebody who really enjoys having my snacks between meals on most days and usually I’ll just reach for something that’s really really simple like fresh fruits or nuts or hummus with crackers and veggies But I understand them that can get a little bit boring sometimes […]

Picky Eater Bento #1! Vegetarian Back to School Recipes!

(upbeat music) – Hey munchies, happy Monday. If you’re new, welcome and if you’re not, you may be wondering why there’s a video today. It’s not our usual posting day. To celebrate back to school season we are doing a bento mini-series. Everyday this week you will get a new bento, specifically catered to a […]

Jhal muri recipe at home—quick, delicious & healthy snack of puffed rice—Kolkata street food

How much of the ingredients do you go through in a day? In an entire day I use 2–3 kg moori… …often 3–4 kg of moori …potato almost 2–3 kg …onion 2 kg …tomatoes 1 kg …then coriander leaves nearly 250 grams …green chillies 250 grams …tomato 250–500 grams …then two packets of jhuri bhujia […]