How Sponsorship Changed Dilpreet Gill’s Life | World Vision

My mom would always tell us that you should always donate. My sister had started sponsoring a child through World Vision. So I was going to work, I was on the SkyTrain and I’m like “oh, I’m actually going to do this too.” We don’t see each other every day or anything but whenever they […]

Liverpool: “Beatles and Pandeiro” ft. Milena Sá & Jo Herring (Part 2) [Subtitled]

Music Es Un Voyage In this episode I talked a bit more with Jo about her composing process and her relationship with music Then I went back to meet milena and she told me about her efforts to bring Choro and other rhythms from her culture to Liverpool she talked about her idea of forming […]

Family Claims 80-Year-Old Lost Most Of His Retirement Savings To A Catfish

Dr. Phil, how are you doing? Laura, how are you. Nice to meet you. Listen, I just wanted to talk to you guys for a couple seconds before we go out ’cause I want you to know that I’m really sensitive to what we’re gonna do with your dad. He just turned 80 so there’s […]

Air Swimmers eXtreme Shark Assembly Instructions – EN, IT & SL Captions

AIR SWIMMERS ASSEMBLY VIDEO Welcome to the Air Swimmers assembly video! Congratulations on your purchase of an Air Swimmer the insanely fun, fully-maneuverable remote control flying fish! This video will take you step by step through the easy assembly process so you can get your Air Swimmer flying in no time at all! Firstly please […]

Baby Shark | Kids Songs | Nursery Rhymes for Children, Toddlers and Baby

Baby Shark do do do do do Baby Shark Mommy Shark do do do do do Mommy Shark Daddy Shark do do do do do Daddy Shark Grandma Shark do do do do do Grandma Shark Hungry Shark do do do do do Swim Swim do do do do do Is he gone? Swim swim […]