Tonic Immobility in Tiger Sharks | SharkFest

Welcome to Tiger Beach. NARRATOR: Eli recognizes some of the tigers, but one shark stands out. Her swift movements keep Eli and Matt on their toes. [grunt] Whoa! NARRATOR: They name her Jitterbug. Time and again, Eli must risk a bite to redirect her with his expert handling skills. [bleep] Yeah, she definitely has the […]

Catfish pretending to be son online flirts with man disguised as single mum – The News

 A woman pretending to be her son unknowingly flirts with a man disguised as a single mum as she begins her bid to find her son a girlfriend on The Circle tonight  The two catfish instantly gravitate towards one another and oddly find some common ground – despite both pretending to be two completely different […]


Careful Thierry..Slowly Try to..Try to hold her !! Don’t forget !!! The time is on your side !!! It’s Beautiful !!! Slowly… She’s gonna turn..She’s gonna turn.. It’s OK…It’s OK.. Shit…It’s really deep out here !!! Well..You were right..You had to go there.. You were right.. Watch out !! Watch out!! You’re really close, leave […]

Not So Slick | Catfish: The TV Show | MTV

Park is about six minutes away. Oh, who’s this? That’s Courtney? Oh [bleep]. What the [bleep]? Uh oh. Is she trying to say something to us? What is she doing? Aubri, come here. I have to tell you something. She says she has to say something to you. Aubri. I don’t want you to go […]

Biatches – Catfish Klitnick – Uncensored

– [Narrator] Biatches! – Ham bump! – Ham bump! (farting) (class groaning) – Excuse me, Ms. Klitnick is in a BM today, a bad mood. Not one guy has winked at me on I’m feeling less than. Why don’t you kids practice writing writing the number five. (sniffling) (class groaning) – Danglers, see ya. […]


(attempting to call through Skype) (Ian) Shut up!! Look, Tiffany, it’s been six months. You promised me you’d show me your face by now. (distorted voice) Yeah, I-I don’t know. Tiffany, look. You know I hate arguing with you ’cause I love you so much. Just please show me your face. Okay, fine. Just, I […]

5 Dark & Twisted Catfish Stories

Catfishing is the act of online deception, whereby the deceiver invents and assumes a fake online identity in order to lure the interaction and attention of unsuspecting internet users. This nefarious activity can be motivated by love, revenge, jealousy or, as this video explores, for many other reasons. Today FactFaction Looks at 5 Of The […]

how to catfish 101

okay hello people of the Internet I’m Kesha and today I’m gonna teach you how to catfish yourself throughout the course of my life I always thought I was decent looking but when I hit puberty I was wrong I mean look at me I’m ugly I’m not as decent looking as I thought I […]

“Kelsey and Her Beluga Bestie” by Aquarium Love Stories

I fell in love with them from the first… Oh, hi! What are you doing? That’s Maple. She had to photobomb. Beluga whales are essentially the best friend you never thought you needed until you met one, and then everything kind of made sense from there. Hi! Who’s the sweetest girl? Who’s the sweetest? She […]