How To Raise Aquaponics Rainbow Trout – (Systems With Tips and Tricks)

Bless you and your fishes, ask your questions below 🙂 Get out guys beeping here walking back to my Monica Wonderland Had a few new additions to the garden arrived last night fifty rainbow trout they are beautiful as they are Then last night before put them into the tank then last night and Just […]

Restoring Kirman Lake’s Trophy Trout Fishery

My name is Michael Mamola. I’m an environmental scientist with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, and we’re here today at Kirman Lake in Mono County. This water has historically been one of the premier trophy brook trout fisheries in the entire state, and unfortunately about a year ago it began to go fishless. […]

How To Identify Chinook Salmon and Steelhead Trout | Indiana DNR

Here we have a Chinook salmon that actually expired in the stream. they tend to die when they come up. This one actually died before it spawned, it was stressed for some reason. As you can see its much larger than the other fish here. It has a lot of spotting. A slightly forked tail […]

Baby Shark Family And More (FULL VERSION)

Daddy shark daddy shark where are you? here I am here I am how do you do, mommy shark mommy shark where are you, here I am here I am how do you do do do do. Brother shark brother shark where are you, here I am here I am how do you do, Sister […]

Early April Lake Trout Fishing – Northern Michigan

Hi, I’m Captain Ben Wolfe with Sport Fish Michigan. It’s early April. We’re out here on Grand Traverse Bay. We have an early spring pattern here – we’re looking for lake trout, cisco, maybe some whitefish, and possibly even some early smallmouth bass. They’re in deep water, but they should be just starting to move […]

How To: Cut | Clean | Cook A Whole | Catfish 🐟

alright alright welcome back y’all welcome back to another episode of the really show today I’m going to be working with me some catfish yes ma’am I hope tomorrow some good old Fred catfishing here no fresh food and wow so we want up some catfish but here we go um I’m just basically going […]

XXL-Aquarium – Das Kleben der Scheiben (#2)

good morning here is thorben of we’re just before eight and I’m waiting looking forward to the aquarium maker the right behind me this fat aquarium to build up. Say yes, it will be even two aquariums. below 3.90 meters times 90cm and sixties height and then about it with an aluminum frame what […]

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Fly Fishing the Guadalupe River for Texas Brown Trout in 4K

so as you can see I’m back out here on the Guadalupe trying getting me some more Brown and rainbow trout still trying to land the brown trout on the fly rod I haven’t done that yet so I got a bunch of more lures to try out more nymphs more streamers see what will […]