Boat Stories: Fishing for Clovelly Herring

Yeah the way I fish I’m probably the last traditional herring fisherman in Clovelly now. I fish in an old traditional boat, the Picarooner and I don’t use an engine we either row or we sail. Up the coast to where the herring is. The village of Clovelly here was built on the herring. Nearly […]

Cooking with Chris Chung – Pickled Herring

Hi, I’m Chris. Fresh Herring is only available in season, but if you do find some and learn how to prepare them, you are in for a treat. Today I’m going to show you how to pickle herring. Then we are going to use pickle herring to make a wonderful salad and sandwich. Herring caught […]

Swedish Smörgâsbord: Surviving Fermented Herring (Part 1)

Haarlem, Netherlands: Herring and Heritage