Herring, Shad, Eels & Sturgeon – Diadromous Fish Basics

[MUSIC] Today I’m here at the St. Stephen fish lift. I’m gonna be meeting up with freshwater fisheries biologist Bill Post who’s in charge of the diadromous fish project. We’re gonna learn how different diadromous species move from down river to up river to get to their spawning grounds. [MUSIC] Well diadromous fish include a […]

Herring Eggs and Seal Grease Off-the-Grid | INDIE ALASKA

Well herring eggs is actually one of my very first memories… When I was little tiny, my dad… Who is, or was a commercial fisherman… He came back with herring eggs and so you have to imagine I must have been two and he was holding a stalk of herring eggs and I remember being […]

Селедка под шубой / Herring pod shuboy | Видео Рецепт

Video recipe “Herring pod shuboy” from videoretsepty.ru

Jonah Herring: Student Success Spotlight

My name is Jonah Herring, I’m a junior and I’m majoring in Marketing. I really wanted to major in business because, growing up, I was always on the the labor side of businesses. I really never saw the the back side or the behind-the-scenes that really goes on but I would always ask questions and […]

Cooking with Chris Chung – Pickled Herring

Hi, I’m Chris. Fresh Herring is only available in season, but if you do find some and learn how to prepare them, you are in for a treat. Today I’m going to show you how to pickle herring. Then we are going to use pickle herring to make a wonderful salad and sandwich. Herring caught […]

겨울의 진미 제철 과메기 Half-dried Herring: Great food in winter

Hello, this is Hairtail. For today… When people hear winter, they think of half-dried herring. Isn’t this… going a little too far? You should give me ones already trimmed. It looks like you brought this straight from where they were being dried? Half-dried herring is usually made by drying out mackerel pike or herring. And […]


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Orca and humpback feasting on herring

This footage was recorded late 2016 in Kaldfjorden near Tromsø, Northern Norway. Our fish capture researchers were testing new methods for safe fish release from purse seine nets. They release a catch of herring. A flock of orca were waiting, and come to feed on the herring. The orca work together in herding the herring, […]