Herring, Shad, Eels & Sturgeon – Diadromous Fish Basics

[MUSIC] Today I’m here at the St. Stephen fish lift. I’m gonna be meeting up with freshwater fisheries biologist Bill Post who’s in charge of the diadromous fish project. We’re gonna learn how different diadromous species move from down river to up river to get to their spawning grounds. [MUSIC] Well diadromous fish include a […]

Как разделать селедку? Чистим селедку. Понятно и подробно. У вас получится!

Gut herring by yourself Hello, my dear subscribers and guests. I’m Tasha Mulyar In my previous video I told you about my dressed herring recipe For the New Year party, of course Many of you asked me how to gut herring For that video I took ready-to-use herring, but I told you that we have […]

Сельдь под шубой / Dressed herring ♡ English subtitles

HERRING UNDER A FUR COAT Salad “Dressed herring” is our traditional dish, like a “Olivier salad”. It is one of the traditional dishes served at New Year and Christmas celebrations. We need: 2 potatoes, 1-2 carrots, 2 eggs, 2 onions, 1-2 beet roots, 1 salted herring and 300 g mayonnaise. Vegetables will cook in the […]

Сельдь домашнего соления

Hello, dear visitor ! English subscription isn’t available (though it will be soon) but there is an author’s site http://www.povarvideo.ru with Google translator (special button with a lang list) for any languages. Each recipe on a site contains clear description for You in style like HOWTO. Thanks for watching and reading us ! With best […]

ASMR 과메기 리얼사운드 먹방 Half-dried Herring クァメギ Real sound Mukbang Eating Sound

Hello It’s me Onhwa. Today’s menu is Half-dried Herring. Please like this Video and Subscribe.

How the Phrase Red Herring Came to Mean Something That is Misleading

How the Phrase Red Herring Came to Mean Something That is Misleading Meaning a distraction or false trail, the expression “red herring” has been relatively commonly used for the last two centuries, and its origins do, in fact, begin with a rust-colored fish. However, until quite recently, the accepted origins of red herring were themselves […]

Learn English Words – RED HERRING – Meaning, Vocabulary Lesson with Pictures and Examples

Red herring a believable distraction designed to mislead, often used in mystery novels Mystery writers often use a red herring to mislead the reader into believing something is important that has nothing to do with the story. Sherlock Holmes warned that if a case was solved too easily, it was likely a red herring that […]

RUSSIAN RECIPES – How To Pickle Herring | Как засолить СЕЛЕДКУ?!

Hello, dear friends! Today, on my American kitchen we will pickle true Russian herring! What do we need to do? So, in order to pickle herring, you will need: frozen herring. I bought it in Chinatown, at the supermarket. I think you can find it on the regular market in the fish story. Frozen herring. […]

Holiday Herring 2019

Hello, everyone, hello, MO! Hello! On this episode we are going to make holiday herring. We will pour in some oil and fry some vegetables. Full recipe is in the link in the description below as always. What vegetables do we have here? Celery root, butter pumpkin, leek, bell pepper. Celery root. Pumpkin. A few […]

River Herring Basics For Volunteer Counters

Hi, my name is Sara Grady and I’m the South Shore Regional Coordinator for the Massachusetts Bays National Estuary Program, and Watershed Ecologist at the North and South Rivers Watershed Association. Today we’re here at the Monument River, also called the Bournedale River or the Herring Pond River count location, and this is one of […]