Zayn Malik’s ‘love interest’ Neelam Gill: Model talks about Zayn earlier this year

Now everyone’s talking about a certain One Direction member being here, are you a directioner? Umm…I do like rap music, but no, um, Zayn’s a nice guy, I’m happy he’s being honoured tonight and I think it will be a great night. Yeah, and how did you feel when he left the band? Um, honestly? […]

Trout in Sight

Nice fish He’s standing in front of the rock It’s hard to reach it That’s a nice fish. Stand still It’s big He got spooked by the line I guess It was just the tippet. But it didn’t run away He’s rising Keep going He’s watching it. Pull it a bit He’s coming. He’s coming […]

Small Stream – Small Trout

There There he is He’s moving. Look. What did he do? Did he take something? Good question. He didn’t take anything on the surface. No. It’s low and clear water, and it’s hot. Ain’t gonna be easy. There is a wave up there He’s coming closer. Be still. He took it. He swam all the […]

Spinning Fishing for Wels Catfish Live Attack/ Waller Angeln Live Biss/ Pesca de Siluro/ Улов на сом

– Katya, come on! – A smaller one this time. – As good as it gets. – He’s pulling a lot. – The current is strong. – The cat is not very big. – The current is swift. – He has to breathe some air! – He’s surely 4 – 5 kg/ 9 – 10 […]

Big Trout Drama

Did you see it? No There. Good There. No There. Yes He’s on the other side of the islet This is not easy He’s still on This is a nice trout Look, he’s coming up again This is not a small fish He’s going back up to the pool This is sick. I have to […]

Martinique flavors : Would you eat sea eels?

Ah come over! What is this? It’s sea eel. He’s gonna eat it? Are you gonna eat it? Yes. He’s gonna eat it. This guy walked by. He had these buckets of eels or something totally disgusting. He’s gonna eat it. All of it? All of those? … and Bradley went up right to him […]

Trout in Colors

He took the fly The light in the trees is beautiful He’s coming That’s a nice fish He’s a happy camper Nice fish

Diver meets huge Pacific Wolf Eel

There! Sticking just its head out from its den, a fully-grown male Wolfeel stares at my camera. Nearby, a younger one, with darker coloration, also curious what I’m up to, but not about to come out. Both have prominent teeth, just like the Atlantic Wolffish, but they appear just as docile. Soon, I turn back […]

Rising Trout

Look at it He’s eating like crazy

Lake Trout Catch and Release – Livewell Tip

One thing that we do when we have lake trout that are really tired from the long fight – sometimes they’re ready to go and swim right away, we want to hold them boat-side and make sure they’re swimming healthfully before they go back down. The other thing that we can do when they look […]