Trout fishing on the Hardanger Plateau, Norway. (ENG VOICE & SUBS)

Hardangervidda! My voice is getting high pitched. Now we have arrived at Mårbu with the boat from Synken, where we parked. It went like a charm. Faster than expected. I planned to sleep over at the DNT cabin (The Norwegian Trekking Association) which is open for all, members or not; A nice gate to the […]

Carving a Brook Trout Pendant

“There’s a lot of thought and planning that goes into making a carving.” “In order to be creative, I’ve got to get out in the country and get some inspiration.” I thought it would be a lot of fun to carve a brook trout pendant, so me and Pearl are heading to the upper meadow […]

Will A Soda Tab Catch Fish IRL?

Hey chicos ver esto. Estoy en el centro de la cultura polinesia en la isla de Tahití Y estamos aquí pescando y tienen pequeños anzuelos de pesca que hacen de los clips Pero se les acabaron los clips, por lo que [estaban] tratando de Jury-Rig nuestro propio con un soda Tab ahora No se si […]