Best Soft Lure Fishing | Kerala Fishing Big Wallago Catfish on Shad Lure !!!

Title : Best Soft Lure Fishing | Kerala Fishing Big Wallago Catfish on Shad Lure today I am using curly tail shad lure for fishing Wallago fish normally a freshwater fish today Morning I hope we will be blessed with a karanji fish.   Emy he casting on another side of the bridge. If I […]

Feeding the son of the monster – Yellow Snowflake Moray Eel

My friend and I were walking on the stone bridge that leads us to the reef area but the yellow color caught my eye in shallow water It’s a Yellow Snowflake Murray Eel I quickly started my day with it I approached him with caution so as not to lose him if he disappeared into […]

Catfishing My HUSBAND MATT to See if HE LiES! (Surprising Secret to Reveal Truth)

I cannot let nuts right now I just can’t fish my husband and now I’m going to secretly meet him you know I think you might have the wrong idea hold on the worst the worst possible situation right now whoa hold up Sam Pam no this is not okay right now look at this […]

Catfish Fishing on Crankbait and Topwater Belly Lure/ Wels Angeln auf Wobbler/ Улов на сом

– I’ve to go down there. – The whole lure is in his mouth! – Good job, Katya! – Is he a good one? – Yes. – Let’s see! – Very good! – Nice! – Katya’s catfish. – I had to pull him out myself! – She caught him but I had to come down […]

Attacks and Catches: Pike, Catfish, Asp/ Angeln auf Hecht, Wels, Rapfen/ Риболовни приключения

– I have to call Kalin (a fishing mate). – He will come running here. – Wow! – Do you have it (recorded)? – Think so. – Got caught, got caught! – Slowly, Katya, it’s a walleye. – Slowly, reel in slower! – Slowly! – I will take him out by myself. – Cast there […]

Bass boat co-angler practice – Catching big catfish on plastic worms???

Yeah, I got a fish. (reel noise) Whoa! This is a good one! It might be, not a bass. I don’t know what this is. (Intro music) Boater: There are some big fish here. This is a big one. This might be my personal best bass, if this is a bass. Boater: Need the net? […]

Fishing for Shark Toys In the Bubbles! Surprise Sea Creatures in the Bubbles.

Ok kids, today we are going to fish for sharks. In the bubbles. Watch out for that guy, don’t let him fall in, there are sharks in there. Should we send our submarine down there to check it out? Alright, look like you caught something there. What did you catch? A whale. A whale? Yea. […]

Chattanooga’s Superpower Dogs — Meet Mario and Stosh

My name is Mario Santos. I’m a lieutenant with the Bradley County Sheriff’s Department in Cleveland, Tennessee. My partner’s name is Stosh, and his superpower is narcotic detection. Stosh is a German short-haired pointer. They track really good. The only thing we use him for is narcotic detection. His nose is better than ours, and […]

Solo Ice Fishing Lake Trout – Cold Lake Alberta – Mar 12, 2017

well i made it to cold lake that’s a long drive minus 18 a lot of snow on the lake so it’s going to be a slow quad ride lets do it oh fish on me fish on nice laker let’s get you back home fish on oh that was great got him that’s a […]