Tiger Sharks at Tiger Beach – Scuba Diving in Bahamas

Everybody I would like to introduce you to Hook. This is the tiger shark that was with us on every dive. So this video is kind of a mini-documentary of a week long trip that we did to Tiger Beach, off of Grand Bahama Island in the Bahamas with Eli Martinez and the people from […]

Flathead Catfish under a Bridge

The fish just started ripping my line off as I was standing next to my rod. Got my adrenaline pumping real quick from the noise. We were fishing in about 20ft of water so it came up quick. Fishing under bait schools help with your success of catching some nice sized fish. Unhooked the circle […]

Fly Tying the Sedotti Feather Trout Slammer, Long Island NY

Hi I’m Mark Sedotti and I’m gonna be tying the Sedotti Feather Trout Slammer today mmm I’m starting out with two hooks and I have my main hook which is 4/0 actually it’s a it’s a worm book by Gamakatsu and my trailer is going to be a to odd Gamakatsu octopus you could use […]

Ice Fishing With Tip-Ups : Hook Size for Lake Trout & Salmon Ice Fishing

Alright, so let’s take a look at the size of hook that we’re going to use for lake trout or salmon. Notice this is a snell hook. It’s got the ribbed monofilament line around the upper part of the shank and a pretty dramatic angle that’s set back so that the point of the hook […]

A Catfish Bait Trick That’s Better Than Nylons or Cloth

my bait is over there my hook is over here how many times does that happen to you hey folks Randy Taylor here again with you today and I want to show you the most effective way to fish with chicken livers the hard thing about chicken livers is keeping them on your hook during […]

Tying John Kent’s Elvis Chironomid (Variation) Trout Fly Pattern – Ep 154 PF #PiscatorFlies

Hey Thread Heads Darren here welcome back to another fly-tying tutorial. Today we’re gonna be tying a chironomid pattern that is called the Elvis Chironomid. This was originated by John Kent out of British Columbia. This fly was originally called the Viva Las Vegas. It was a fly that they used successfully in an area […]

Krystal Flash Midge Emerger – Fly Tying Tutorial – Trout Fly

The Krystal Flash Midge Emerger is a simple and effective midge pattern. It only uses 3 materials, and can be tied very quickly. You’ll want to use a curved, or scud hook like this Umpqua U202 and a fine thread like this 70 denier ultra thread. Start your thread just behind the eye of the […]

How to grill catfish over the fire

Hi everybody and welcome to another episode of Great Cove Adventure Films. Today I’m going to give you a video demonstration of the method I use to grill catfish over the fire. For a long time my favorite way to enjoy catfish was battered and deep-fried, but once I tried grilling catfish over the fire, […]

How to Tie a Sliding Sinker (Carolina) Rig for Catfish

There’s lots of different rigs you can use for catching catfish but one of the ones that is most popular with angles, and also one of the easiest is the sliding sinker rig and that’s the one I use most often when I fish for channel catfish. So I’m gonna take a few moments today […]