UV-C lampen/filtering in het aquarium 5 feiten & 5 mythes/fabeltjes | Aquarium Sunshine Valley

Hello and welcome back to the channel of AquariumSunshine’s Valley.Tonight we are talking about UV-C sterilizers and more precisely about 5 facts and 5 myths about that UV sterlizers. That’s right, let’s jump right into it! Okay, so today we are talking about the use of UV-C filtering in an aquarium. Maybe i should mention […]

🔴 LIVE: Snelle Update Vivarium | Aquarium Sunshine Valley

Even een hele snelle update ik ben nu aan het wandelen van aan de McDonalds tot aan de beurshal Omdat het al zo bijzonder druk geweest is ben ik nog niet kunnen live komen, simpelweg omdat ik simpelweg iets teveel mensen ken. Ik heb eigenlijk van de beurs zelf nog niets gezien Ik heb alleen […]

HOW TO: Build A Glass Aquarium TUTORIAL

Hi everybody Joey here again and welcome back. So today I’m going to be showing you guys exactly how to build a glass aquarium. Let’s get started right away with what supplies you’re going to need. Ok, so some of the materials are pretty straight forward, obviously we are going to need silicone, I’m using […]

HOW TO: Build a plywood aquarium | Part 1 | Building the tank TUTORIAL

Hi everybody Joey here again and welcome back so in today’s video I’m going to introduce you guys to a new plywood tank build that I want to show you but before we move any further I’m sure many of you are not aware with what a plywood aquarium Even is in the first place, […]