Large DIY aquarium filter for $50 | The King of DIY

Okay, so yesterday I talked about the fact that I needed to clean up we’re done all that Gary’s here now today we’re gonna turn a 55-gallon barrel into a filter but the 375 gallon tank. The things are kind of torn apart right now Just kind of doing some organization also going to streamline […]

How aquarium sumps are made

so today I’m back in Detroit with my man brian baer check, and he’s [taken] me [to] a very special place to [his] free to his friend Steve Bashi Tell me how you know this guy and what we’re about to see literally I’m not kidding you Steve Used to come into a pet shop […]

2,000G completed – Aquarium gallery UPDATE!

All right, how [I’m] going to do today’s update so this week in the aquarian gallery has not only been a tremendously busy weekend We accomplished it in a whole lot, but we also did four videos this week, so in today’s update I thought I’d bring you up to speed with what each video […]

DIY aquarium sump filters completed | The King of DIY

Today’s the day We’re switching out all the sumps to the new ones that we built I figured while we’re doing that we might as well do some water changes, which will make change into some sort of easier anyway Well this tank drains. I’m gonna bring you guys up to speed on the brief […]

HOW TO: cheap and simple DIY aquarium filter – sponge filter

Hi, everybody Joey here again and welcome back so today I’m going to show you how to build one of the best Aquarium filters that you can have for your aquarium the sponge filter Now the sponge filter has been in the hobby for a very long time but for good reason It’s cheap its […]

HOW TO: Build a simple aquarium sump | The King of DIY

Yesterday we added the peacock bass to the 1200 gallon pond Everybody is doing fine in their filter. Everything’s back up and running It’s actually later on in the evening and I want to build some filters I don’t know why but when I get the urge, it doesn’t matter what time of the day […]

HOW TO: Internal aquarium sump – The SUPER CHARGED corner SPONGE filter

Hi, everybody Joey here again, and welcome back so in today’s video. I’m going to show you something that I like to call the internal aquarium sump however, it’s truly inspired by the Corner [Matan] filter if you’re not familiar with what one of those higher essentially they are just Sponge that is held securely […]

Cheap and Easy DIY Aquarium filter sump

Everybody Joey here again and welcome back So I get a lot of questions on Aquarium filtration some different methods on how to build certain types of filters Number one request is always. How can I make the cheapest filter possible yet? Have it still being effective well? The number one filter that I keep […]

DIY saltwater aquarium sump filter | The King of DIY

New sump I built for the saltwater aquarium. Let me explain why? Before I show you guys how I built that sup just a quick announcement. Okay, so I actually have two things I want to mention one from June 23rd to the 24th reef of Blues in New York is back in town I’m […]

How to Make Aquarium Filters from Plastic Bottles and Jars

Aquarium Filters from Jar and Plastic Bottle It starts at the 40th second Material: Plastic jar, plastic bottles, glue, sponge, plastic hose, plastic pipes, pipe joints and power head. Cut plastic bottle as high as plastic jar Dry the inside of a plastic bottle Cut the second bottle 1/4 of the first bottle height Cut […]