Coi nào bà con, ohm, con cá trê chà bá nè bà con! Câu cá là một trong những loại hình giải trí khá phổ biến trên thế giới, kể cả Việt Nam chúng ta. Khi nghĩ đến việc câu cá chúng ta thường nghĩ đến việc đi câu cá ở sông, rạch, hồ hay […]

This Giant Fish Attacked My Hand! | Catfish Noodling

Hey you’ve been fishing but have you ever caught a 50 pound fish with your hand? We’re in Oklahoma baby and we’re noodling. (upbeat country music) This month we are in Lake Eufaula, Oklahoma takin’ Vince Howell on the most epic, crazy, wild adventure we’ve done yet. Hey, I’m Vince Howell. – [Peter] Vince is […]

Life at the Dead End: How to catch catfish

Scroungin’ around for food, shooting threatening things that move keepin’ dry under a roof oh yeah. That’s livin’ the life at the dead ennnnnnnddaaahhhhhhhh. This is a pretty simple rig. My weight is uhhhhhhh. …lead from balancing tires. My bait was frozen in my freezer from last fall. Couple of froggies in there. Need to […]

SURPRISE CATCH while River Fishing for Bass, Catfish and Gar River Fishing TIPS

Hey. It’s me, Luke here. We’re at the Trinity River. We’re going to cast net some shad and do some bottom fishing for bass, crappie gar, catfish, just about anything we catch. And let’s get into it. Yeah. Right there, there’s a big water snake. I think it’s a yellow bellied water snake. I don’t […]

All The Varieties of Freshwater Catfish is Shown in This Video tropical aquarium fish

the black-spotted corydoras has a yellow gray body covered in dark speckles they are a well camouflaged catfish with short barbells and they swim near the bottom of the tank scavenging for scraps of food they like a well planted aquarium with plenty of hiding places that can provide shade from the light soft sand […]

Fishing for catfish in a Pond Using Dry Fish | Catch n Cook Fish | How to Catch Catfish

Fishing for catfish in a Pond Using Dry Fish Catch n Cook Fish How to Catch Catfish This Catch n Cook Fishing video is a unique fishing video on How to Catch Catfish by fishing hook using dry fish. It was an Amazing Fishing video at Battambang for Catfish experience for us. We’re glad to […]

Fishing for Beginners | How To Handle Catfish

Welcome back to Fish Like Us! In this video we’re going to go over a very common fish down here in Florida called the Hardhead Catfish. This fish is responsible for a lot of injuries! And here it comes up right now. Okay, we’ve had it on the line for just a little bit, and […]

8 best catfish baits – Catch catfish – Blue, flathead and channel catfish

Hi, Luke Here with CatsandCarp.com and I am going to show my top 8 favorite catfish baits and walk you through their pro’s and con’s. Over the years I have been very fortunate to catch a lot of great catfish from bank and from boat, from lake and from rivers. And I have learned a […]