How to clean catfish _ cách làm sạch cá da trơn,cá trạch đồng

How to clean catfish How to clean catfish For catfish to paper ball bag Use table salt and rice vinegar to pour into catfish bags Leave for 10 minutes for catfish to remove the slime themselves Pour the catfish out and rinse it under a scraper using scissors to remove fish head and fish intestines […]

How to Kill a Catfish for Food Preparation Using Nunchaku (Nunchucks)

Man Steve we caught a nice fish on that thing today! Yeah that’s a monster, Um what are we gonna do with him are we gonna kill him and eat him or what? Oh yeah for sure but I think you should take your nunchucks and kill him because my idea of killing him humanely […]

Catfish Fry Recipe | Very Tasty Big Catfish Fry

Turmeric Powder For Cleaning Adding Masala Turmeric Powder Red Chilli Powder Salt Ginger Garlic Paste Garam Masala Kabab Masala Lemon Juice Mix Well… 6 KG Catfish Wow.. Super… Very Tasty If You Like This Video Give a Like, Comment, Share and Subscribe…