trout fishing on soft plastics east of Melbourne, Back to Rainbow Rock

okay guys I’m back it rainbow rock because I just couldn’t get enough of it beautiful coloring that is a sick trout this is rainbow rock and this is why I do what I do okay guys I’m back at rainbow rock it’s not very rocky at the moment because I’m down the very bottom […]

Amazing Fishing Catch Catfish by Coconut And Plastic Bottles | Fishing Fish Trap DIY

Amazing Fishing Catch Catfish by Coconut And Plastic Bottles | Fishing Fish Trap DIY

Catching Trout in Stained Water

Savage Gear Line Thru Trout SwimBait | Bass Fishing

Glenn: Hey folks. Glenn May here with I’m here at the Savage Gear booth at ICAST 2015 checking out some brand new stuff. And you got to see what caught my eye here. Now I’ve seen some swimbaits, the 6-inch swimbaits, they got the 8-inch swimbaits, and there’s even the big 12-inch swimbaits. Well, […]

All The Varieties of Freshwater Catfish is Shown in This Video tropical aquarium fish

the black-spotted corydoras has a yellow gray body covered in dark speckles they are a well camouflaged catfish with short barbells and they swim near the bottom of the tank scavenging for scraps of food they like a well planted aquarium with plenty of hiding places that can provide shade from the light soft sand […]

How to Fish: Essential Stillwater Trout Flies | GoFishBC

So let’s talk about specific styles or patterns that we need to have in your essential lake fly-fishing box. No question that the biggest, most prolonged, most abundant hatch in lakes are the chironomid and so you’re gonna need to have a very well stocked box of chironomid pupal patterns as well as some of […]

Episode 1 : Catfish and Carp fishing, Southern Ontario

*Music Playing Morning, well I’m out here at one of my new favorite carp spots and ah it’s been pretty crazy already, um just getting everything set up I just get the camera on the tripod and ah I just had a screaming take and when I set into it, I felt the weight of […]

Powerbait Trout Setup. Trout Still Fishing Rig. Easiest Way to Catch Trout.

TROUT STILL FISHING RIG WITH POWERBAIT: Hello everybody, this is Fishthatwontquit. Today I’m going to show you a basic, very basic, trout rig that I first rig I ever used. It’s basically a still fishing rig. The basic setup is you have your main line here, coming down from your rod. Then what you’re going […]

catching catfish and climbing perch fish | boys style | how to fish with arms

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“Casting Super Shallow Lake Trout” Full Length (TV Show 8) – Uncut Angling – April 1, 2013

AARON: Yeah. Let’s go. TIM: All right. Let’s go. AARON: Here comes the big man. We’re at Kenanow Lodge. This is Tim Matheson. He’s the former owner and now he’s just the head guide and local fish bum. Tim and I met probably seven years ago, fishing an online tournament. Head to head. Lots of […]