SUP Fly Fishing: Learning to Fly Fish on a Paddle Board with Sean Callinan | vineyard vines

How To Fish A Senko | Bass Fishing

There we are. There we go. There we go. Come here. I just want to show your face. C’mon. You got a face full of Senko buddy. Look at that. He’s got a mouth full of Senko. Weightless Senko that’s what we’re talking about today. Not a huge fish but, where do you think the […]

Fishing Knots: Best Knots for Braided Line – Uni Knot and Palomar Knot

Hello Everyone, this is Fishthatwontquit. Today I am going to show you my favorite braid knots. Theres two knots that I go to primarily its going to be to the Palomar knot or the uni knot. The reason I like these two knots is because when I was starting to learn how to fish I […]

How To Detect A Bite | Bass Fishing

Hey folks, Glenn May here with and one of the questions we always get on the forums is, what does the bite feel like when I’m fishing plastic worms? You know, when I’m fishing beavers or I’m fishing Rage Roosters or any other kinda soft plastic bait, what does that bite feel like? A […]

How To Fish A Jig for Bass: The BEST Jig Fishing Tips for Insane Limits!

Glenn: There we go. Keri: Oh, hello. You got him. Oh, boy. He is wrapped around a tree. Keri: You gotta go in and get him. Glenn: Come here. Keri: You’re gonna have to go in and get him. Glenn: Come here. Come here. Keri: And let him back in the water. Glenn: Let’s see […]

Slingshot Fishing Simple & Power Full #fishing_method in Kerala Fishing

Catching Big Fish using slingshot fishing method Now we Go as a different fish technique We have asked for the price of cross bow All rights reserved A gun, like a gun, costs Rs. 10,000 No such fishing In our country we have seen some carp pillopi floating around Then in order to hit it […]

How To Texas Rig A Plastic Bait The Right Way | Bass Fishing

Hey folks. Glenn May here with, and I want to show you how to Texas Rig a plastic bait. I know there’s a lot of videos out there and they take you through it really fast, so I’m going to slow it down a little bit for you, and show you a couple little […]

Who Can Catch the BIGGEST FISH in 30 Mins?!

Salmon Plunking Rig: How to Plunk for Salmon. Oregon Salmon Fishing Setup

Hello Everybody! This is Fishthatwontquit! Today I want to show you my plunking setup that I used for spring chinook. A very simple method but also can be very effective! So, let’s get started. This rig is nice because what you’re basically doing is throwing a honking piece of lead out into the river and […]

7 Best Bass Lures That Work Year Round | Bass Fishing

Hey folks, Glenn May here at And one of the problems I see all the time on our forums and people asking me questions is, what kind of lure should they get? Especially, if you’re starting out, or if you’re on a budget, or maybe you’ve been on hiatus for a while and you’re […]