Boots Allen: Peacock pattern for sea run brown trout in Tierra Del Fuego

The fly I’m going to tie for you today it’s going to be really weird, it’s gonna get weird the look of it is a saltwater fly it very obviously has saltwater origins I use it in Tierra del Fuego fishing for sea run brown trout on the Rio Grande and Rio Menendez River. There […]

How to tie a sea trout fly! My Favorite fly! The Brenda look – a – like fly

Welcome guys to my next video Today i’ll be tying a fly like this one… or this one The green one And it’s a fly based on Ove Monrad’s Brenda fly But it’s not exactly the same as a Brenda But this is the way I tie it And they are pretty nice on the […]

Beach Fishing: A Fishing Rig to Catch More Fish!

Hey, everyone! Today I’m going to be showing you guys how to tie one of the most simple and effective beach fishing rigs out there, and this rig will work at any beach around the world, this is just a classic rig that will catch you a lot of fish. So, we’ve noticed a problem: […]