Trout Fish Hunting In Deosai Plains Pakistan

Trout Fish Hunting In Deosai Plains Pakistan

Incredible Huge Catfish 8,5 feet – 250 LBS – HD by Yuri Grisendi

hore The big one! THE STRUGGLE! HELLYEAH! Really Big Catfish… a Giant Fish Giant Fish Think my rod is about to snap……

Fishing on the Green River near Liberty, Kentucky – Catfish & Drum

We’re out here on the Green River, near the town of Liberty, Kentucky and I’m pretty much targeting whatever I can catch today – I know there’s some channel catfish in here and also some drum so I have chicken liver on one rod and night crawler on the other, and just going to see […]

Lake Billy Chinook’s Bull Trout Part III

as the team prepares for some more exciting bull trout action an osprey successful hunt has attracted the attention of an eagle nearby. Is this wildwood group is around i told you that the list of you know that i was making out like berkeley where judy are all project everybody my show me some […]

Lake Billy Chinook’s Bull Trout Part II

welcome back as the through streets in the beautiful or sincerely their baby is attracting some attention to the depths below get job market this is so full force this is a really needs it one of the few places like deletion of one of the few places in the in this country if you […]

Sea Trout in Rivers – Spin fishing

Catfish Monster really Big Fish 250 lbs VS Little Boat – HD by Carfishing World

All the line out of water, and only the leader with baits is to the water I make the place for our bait and tie the break line to the float PULL !! Now we await the night and the beginning of hunting activities PHILIPPE ATTACK CATFISH !! Yuri Strike a Catfish….is sure a big […]

Gannets Diving for Fish

Perhaps no other bird masters air and water like a gannet! With a long narrow six-foot wingspan, a gannet can hover, glide, soar and dive, but it’s beneath the surface of the water that they really come into their own. With the Atlantic offering up such bounty, the constant fishing trips barely make a dent […]

How to Clean a Fish!

[MUSIC] Alright before we get started here I want to just show you a little bit about what we’ve got here. We’re going to start with the brim. Brim you can fillet out if you get a big enough one. Brim, when I say brim I mean any of your sunfish family. Most people around […]


Hi this is Carl the landscape guy. Today I am taking all the fish out of the pond. In order to do that, I will use a seine net sponsored by They produced this high quality net exactly to fit my pond. I chose a black mesh 7mm netting, not only to get the […]