Why Doesn’t Winter Kill All The Fish And Plants?

Hey there and welcome to Life Noggin, I’m lucky enough to live in cyberspace, where the circuits are toasty and you can always get a warm cup of hot chocolate from your loving Motherboard. But many of my human friends know these times as that chilly season called Winter. You may be able to bundle […]

The Wilcraft Ice Fishing Amphibious Vehicle | INVENTORS | PBS Digital Studios

Hi I’m Tom Roering, the inventor of Wilcraft. Wilcraft is a drivable amphibious ice fishing vehicle. “Wil” stands for Water, Ice, and Land. The Wilcraft project started back in 1998 out of the desire to ice fish safer, more conveniently, and be more mobile on the ice. The product evolved over a six year period, […]

Palma de Mallorca Spain vlog #2 fish market | What I eat in a day 西班牙马略卡岛

It was probably one of the hottest days we had in Mallorca, a record high 43 degrees c. But instead of laying on the beach, we decided to continue our city tour in Palma and start with this indoor market Mercat de L’Olivar. I did a 360 degrees live stream while visiting there. The link […]

Get into Water – Brixham Fish Market, customer feedback

All the fish generally that we sell on Brixham fish market it comes from the English Channel we’re lucky enough here to have a very wide species of fish we probably land on a daily basis probably 40 species of fish but I probably speak for hopefully a majority that South West Water do a […]