quarantine aquarium : hospital tank for sick fish and new fish

Why you need a quarantine tank for your salt water aquarium. You need patience in the salt water aquarium hobby and a quarantine tank can test your patience if you have never had one because it forces you to wait it out before placing new or sick fish in your salt water aquarium. A smaller […]

Перевоплощение/ Аквариум/ Блестки/ Гель-лак/ Цветы

Ich begrüße Sie auf meinem Kanal in Das heutige Video werde ich verwenden Gelpolitur viel Glanz hinzufügen sowie floristik so zeichnen mitmachen Ich bin Victoria, ich bin heute bei dir Maniküre auf diesen Stiften dies Die Tarnung eines anderen Meisters gehört mir Ich mache jetzt alles, hebe ab und mache etwas hübsch und liebe es, […]

DEALING WITH ICH (Common Parasite in Fish Tanks)

Taylor, why is your fish tank turned off? Because it’s too loud to film with it on Taylor! Why does your tank look like an actual disaster? Because I tore it down Taylor, where are your Fish? Where is Cheese?! He’s in the other room safe and sound do not Worry about him he is […]

How to move a fish tank / Aquascape aquarium with an iPhone ;-) Umzug mit einem Aquarium

Wie ziehe ich mit meinem Aquarium um

HOW TO medicate sick aquarium fish – Cure for ICH

regardless of the backlash or what people think of me I share every aspect of my hobby from fish dying to trials and tribulations within it and this has encouraged many others to do so as well but I think everything is a learning experience and it’s always humbling as well today’s video isn’t going […]

5 Common Fish Diseases And How To Spot And Treat Them

hey y’all welcome back Mandy with my hectic life pets where we talk about all things pet and putt related and today I wanted to go over with you my top five most common fish diseases and how you can spot them so first off we have ik also known as white spots disease it […]