What Dr. Phil Exposes About Alleged Catfish

Now the phone number, the phone number that he’s talking to you on does not attach to a service provider. There’s no physical address. Which phone number? Well I don’t want to say the number on television. Okay. But it’s the number you gave us. What number did I give you can you show me? […]

Man Claims His Aunt Has Fallen For A Catfish Posing As A Famous Hollywood Actor

[Music] recently I got a direct message from Jeffrey Dean Morgan the actor from walking data via social media he’s all – I’m like hi I asked him why he texts me he said because he liked my profile he liked my name my name was boom morgana his account wasn’t verified because of the […]

Man Says The Woman Who Used His Identity To Catfish Others Has Apologized

Sera’s apologized to me for using my identity but she’s people supplier Sarah’s addicted to the game that she’s playing and the conversation says she’s having with these women on whether she can hurt them that I don’t think she knows how to quit well Amanda and Alan received several messages from at least ten […]

Dr. Phil To Admitted Catfish: ‘What Was Your Desired Effect?’

I know that my brother had online communication with Sarah on two separate occasions I know from Sarah that she did meet him at a golf establishment but my brother does not have any recollection of that meeting or messaging her I told my sister that I don’t remember this girl I do not ever […]

Dr. Phil To Admitted Catfish: ‘I Think You Have Experienced Trauma In Your Life’

so Ellen you’ve spent a lot of money unraveling this conservatively you’re out of pocket like $7,000 which is a very conservative number you you want that paid back yeah I think it’s only fair that she had pasted back for having to track her down and deal with all this crap what do you […]

A new weapon in the fight against superbugs | David Brenner

So … we’re in a real live war at the moment, and it’s a war that we’re truly losing. It’s a war on superbugs. So you might wonder, if I’m going to talk about superbugs, why I’m showing you a photograph of some soccer fans — Liverpool soccer fans celebrating a famous victory in Istanbul, […]