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it’s 2,20 2,20 its really cheap… fck em… Now check out the 3points shots |Let’s see… Dont forget to get the change…you know the ones others forget to take… 2 out of 2 and he is off… Many dives later… The only fish we keep seeing are big mullets I decide not to spread panic […]


Bonjour and good morning I am in Lausanne Lausanne is in switzerland ner lake genf. I am in the hotel AQUATIS and in the back is the AQUATIS vivarium this is the biggest fresh water aquarium in eurpe with aprx. 2million liter. Actually I have been here last year already But the cool thing is, […]

The Historic Trout Creek Guard Station on the Ashley National Forest in Utah

(Music) My name is Rene Arce. I work on the Ashley National Forest. I’m the recreation specialist. This is the historic Trout Creek Guard Station. It’s an old cabin where old time forest rangers used to live up here while they worked. This is available to rent out in the summmer as well as in […]

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DESI ESCOBAR (IF PABLO ESCOBAR WAS A PUNJABI) Gurdeep Manalia | Latest Punjabi Movies 2019

Señores, Les voy a decir quién soy Yo soy Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria Les Señores, decir quién soy Yo soy Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria


Just smells like vinegar, red vinegar, bottoms up everyone!.my name is joey Ah! Good day everyone! and welcome to todays video which I’m so freakin’ excited about because I am a huge fan of the show shark tank. uh which if you don’t know what it is , where ya been livin? Probably in a […]

Fly Fishing – Catching Rainbow and Brown Trout in Pennsylvania 2019 – Small Stream Fishing Action

Monster Catfish| Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Look at this squad, Bro. Eagle squad, you guys. Three eagles. Eagle-palooza One more eagle and they’ve got a band. There’s another one. OMG guys. The eagles are playing live right now. Welcome to the Hotel Manitoba. What’s up, guys? We’re the Vagabrothers. Right now we are in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. It’s dawn. We’re on […]

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Bangladeshi Sarso Ilish fish recipe – Sarson Hilsa – Best Mustard Hilsa – Shorshe Bata Ilish Recipe

Today I shall make Bangladeshi Sarso Ilish If you like my recipe then subscribe & Like my channel Sarso Ilish is very tasty recipe, good Pair with hot rice There are different type of Ilish recipe, today shall make sarso ilish Let watch the Ingredients Ilish / Hilsa Fish / Maach : 500 gm Clean […]