How to make Trout Fish Curry (Indian Style)

how do you make Trout Fish Curry (Indian Style) 2 Trauts clean, cut and wash into small pieces garlic and ginger sufficient maybe a small piece of ginger cleaned and cut into small pieces Garlic 2 – 3 pieces garcinia, cloves, Garcinia or tamarind . Garcinia is good for reducing your weight and a tasty […]

Fish Curry Recipe In Hindi | फिश करी | Fish Curry Indian Style | Recipe In Hindi | Seema Gadh

Hello. Welcome to Swaad Anusaar. Earlier I have shown you the recipe for fried fish. And then I received a lot of request for a fish curry recipe. So come, let’s make ‘Fish Curry’. This I have taken 1 kg Ravas Fish. (Indian Salmon). Which I have cleaned and washed. Then I’m adding 1 tsp […]

My 105 years Grandma’s Village Style Dry Fish Recipe | Traditional Dry Fish Curry | Country Foods

give me some salt Rosk Solt ? Yes ! my son says to his wife… MY mom is best cook ever ! nobody can cook like my mom ! still my mom is best.. Few months ago I fell down….and i lost my teeth I slipped and fell on rocks…… 4 months ago, i got […]

Fish Curry Recipe || How To Make Tasty Fish Curry || Live Food

Fish Curry Recipe


Hello everyone, today’s recipe is a fish curry with coconut milk. Here I have got 400 grams of fish cut into small pieces. We need two large onions, which needs to be finely chopped, 3 tomatoes (if they are really sour, 2 will be enough), 6 pods of garlic and a piece of ginger. I […]


Today we are preparing very easy and delicious fish curry Today we are preparing very easy and delicious fish curry Today we are preparing very easy and delicious fish curry Curry Items one cut onion one bay leave and half table spoon of cumin seeds One table spoon of turmeric, one table spoon of Coriander […]

How to make/cook tank fish curry village way in Sri Lanka

cut & clean Tank Fish

Chingri Malai Prawn Curry | Simple Bengali Fish Curry Recipes

A delicious Bengali delicacy that’s sure to leave your taste buds tingling Here’s presenting Chingri Malai Curry Get started by washing and deveining the prawns. Remove the heads by firmly holding the body and separating the heads in a twisting motion. Save the heads to make the prawn stock. With your fingers prise off the […]

माछाको झोल 🐟Tasty FISH CURRY Recipe 🐟 How to make FISH CURRY 🐟Yummy Food World 🍴 102

today I am here with the recipe of fish curry It is easy to make follow this recipe and get very tasty fish curry let’s get started with the ingredients 1 kg fish, pieces must be like this 1 spoon cumin 50 ml oil 1 spoon mustard ginger and garlic pieces 2 green chilly 1 […]

10 kg Big Fish Recipe Cooking By Our Grandpa | Big Fish Curry Donating to Orphans

Loving , Caring , Sharing This is my family We are cooking 10kg fish Salt for taste Turmeric powder Red chilly powder Coriander leaves Preparing tamarind juice for fish curry Oil Onions Green chilly Tamarind juice Salt to taste Red chilly powder Coriander powder cinnamon cardamom Curry leaves Coconut powder Ginger Garlic Paste coriander leaves […]