How Many Cancers Have Been Caused by Arsenic­-Laced Chicken?

Dioxins in U.S. Farm-Raised Catfish

Food sources of PCB chemical pollutants

“Food Sources of PCB Chemical Pollutants” What about all the other industrial pollutants, like PCBs? In perhaps the largest study to date, more than 12,000 food and feed samples tested across 18 countries. In the 11,000 food samples tested, the highest mean contamination level was observed in fish and eggs: “fish and fish-derived products followed […]

Fish and Diabetes

“Fish and Diabetes” In the past two years, 6 separate meta-analyses have been published on the relationship between fish consumption and type 2 diabetes. The whole point of a meta-analysis, though, is to compile together the best studies done to date and see what the overall balance of evidence shows. The fact that there are […]

Chicken Dioxins, Viruses, or Antibiotics?

“Chicken Dioxins, Viruses, or Antibiotics?” Why was there so much more lymphoma and leukemia risk among those eating just a small serving of chicken a day? The reasons are unclear. Certainly there are industrial carcinogens, like dioxins, that may increase risk of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and have been found in meat and dairy. But the study […]

Fish oil in troubled waters

“Fish Oil in Troubled Waters” In one of my videos last year, I noted that the fish oil distillation process was found ineffective at removing all the industrial contaminants from fish oil, so even “PCB-free” fish oil may be anything but. Isn’t there a law in California, though, that makes it illegal to sell toxic […]

Fish Consumption and Suicide

[Music] depression is a serious and common mental disorder responsible for the majority of suicides but as I already covered intakes of fruits vegetables and naturally occurring antioxidants have been found to be protectively associated with depression so they concluded it may be possible to prevent depression or to lessen its negative effects through dietary […]

PCBs in Children’s Fish Oil Supplements

number so-called case control studies like this one have found that giving kids cod liver oil supplements may increase their risk of asthma later in life Keith’s control studies have done by asking about past behavior in cases those with asthma versus controls those without asthma to see if certain past behaviors were more common […]