Antibiotics Worked Miracles For Decades – Then Things Went Terribly Wrong – Doctor Explains

superbug apocalypse and antibiotic resistance those are big scary words but how bad is it really well according to the World Health Organization, W.H.O., antibiotic resistance is one of the greatest threats that we have to global health every 15 minutes someone dies in the United States because of a super bug that we basically […]

Is The Atkins Diet Good For Candida

Greetings. It’s Eric Bakker, naturopath from New Zealand and author of Candida Crusher and formulator of the Canxida range of products. Thanks for checking out my video today. Today, we’re going to talk about the Atkins diet. Dr. Atkins. Who can remember Dr. Atkins? The Atkins diet was revolutionary when it came out way back […]

Gut Health What We Do And Don’t Know – Diet

Greetings Eric Bakker. Thanks for coming back. I always appreciate people looking at my videos. Now, my voice may sound a bit funny cause I’m getting my teeth fixed up at the moment. So if I sound like Mike Myers or Freddie Mercury or you know, some weird wacky guy. It’s because all my mouth’s […]

Your Food Just Got A Little Healthier

California just became the first state to ban antibiotics in livestock. No longer will the state’s farmers be able to pump their cows, chickens, and pigs, with human antibiotics to spur growth and prevent the spread of disease in unhealthy living conditions. Those drugs can create superbugs that won’t respond to regular antibiotics, and end […]

Alternatives For Antibiotics In Children

Thanks for coming back. I’ve got a question here from a person, I can’t really pronounce the name. It’s Somaya S-B-E-I-T-A, Sbeita, something like that. And Somaya is asking, “Could you please address building children’s immunity and gut health. Please give me some alternatives for antibiotics for my children that will be great.” Okay. Well, […]

Causes Of Gallstones

Greetings! Naturopath from lovely New Zealand, Eric Bakker. I’m back to you again. We’re going to continue on with our series on gallstones. Right now the third one is causes of gallstones. What actually causes the formation of gallstones? Generally, it means you’ve got a problem with something that you’re eating or an inability of […]

Paronychia Fingernail Abscess Infection Treatment | Auburn Medical Group

You’re not really feeling good right now? No, not really, one of the most painful things I’ve ever experienced Believe me it is throbbing and stinging And I haven’t slept for the last four nights It’s a real hindrance to daily activities You know? You notice something like a hangnail You know? And then that […]

How To Restore Intestinal Flora After Colonoscopy

Eric Bakker, Naturopath. Thanks for coming back. How do you restore your gut function, especially your colonic function, after you’ve had a colonoscopy? Many patients I’ve seen over the years have had a colonoscopy performed and what is some good advice you can give to someone who’s had a colonoscopy and who wants to get […]

How To “CURE” Your Yeast Infection In ONE DAY

Hi there, Eric Bakker, naturopath. I’m going to do a video today on how to cure Candida in 24 hours. How you can get rid of your yeast infection completely in one day and be fully cured and healed and never get it back again, zero. What do you think about that? Well, I just […]

Can You Please Post A Video About Your Personal Diet?

Eric Bakker. Thank you for coming back. We’re going to talk about my diet, what I personally eat. Many people ask me, “What do you eat? Do you eat take away foods? You eat fresh foods? Do you eat, you know, what kinds of foods? Processed?” Or, “Where do you get your foods, you know […]