What makes my new SCORPION Glow in the Dark?

OMG! Have I got something that will truly blow your mind today! Taking a break from the ants for a moment, I’ve been caring for a certain creature, we’ve never before featured on this channel. You saw the title: a glow-in-the-dark scorpion! But how is this possible, you ask? Yes, it may look fake, but […]

Ants vs. Turtle

Oh man! This time, I believe I’ve crossed the line. A couple weeks back you watched as my massive pet fire ant colony, you guys have named the Fire Nation, devour an entire mouse and reduce it to bones. You’ve seen them consume an entire chicken head, and totally hollow out a bird-eater tarantula. It’s […]

homemade fish food, aquaponics

Hello sustainable growers. This is Jonathan from Melbourne Aquaponics. In this video, we’ll see, we’ll review the aquaponics setup of one of Melbourne Aquaponics’ followers called Huy, and he developed a nice little aquaponics setup and that’s what we’re going to review in this video. And look at the video until the end because at […]

Time Lapse: Ants Carrying Fish Pellets Into the Nest

[Intro] Greetings, A.C. Family. We’ve got a special video for this week. And boy is it satisfying… Well, if you’re an ant-lover like me, that is. Because we received such a great response to our previous video, several months back, of our black crazy ants, the Dark Nights, drinking drops of honey, I wanted to […]

Exotic Meat Party 3 | FridgeCam

Hello and welcome to FridgeCam. If you eat food, then this is the show to you. Coming up in the fridge today. I level up bacon sandwiches. Then we have an international food quiz. And the Forfeit is the world’s smelliest food. But first! I’ve been shopping again, and I’ve come up with some mysterious […]

What Role Might Insects Play as Part of the Future of Food?

So, the Good Food Institute, we’re a nonprofit that works internationally to remove as many animal-based products on the market and replace them with plant-based alternatives. We have operations in the United States, India, China, Brazil, Israel, and we’re looking to hire in Europe, so if you like what we do, come talk to me […]

Trout Fishing with Scary Grasshoppers

ooooooh! It’s got stuff coming out of it’s mouth! What does? Look at that nasty little thing! God! I can’t hold it anymore! How am I gonna get it in with the other one in? I don’t know Oh!ho!ho!oh! It’s got stuff in it’s mouth! Get it! It’s called tobacco Oh my God! Get the […]

Fire Ants vs. Simulated River Jungle

And speaking of this delicate and important partnership, it seems one of our biggest ant colonies on this channel has been long deserving of their own territory upgrade and expansion, and many of you have also shared this sentiment! AC Family, you guys demanded for an update on the most famous and long-standing ants on […]