How 15 Million Pounds of Smoked Fish Gets Made – A Frank Experience

-This is by far one of the biggest ovens I’ve ever seen. This is where all the cold smoking is going down, so this is “A Frank Experience.” And today I’m learning how to take beautiful whole salmon and turn it into the smoked fish that we’ve all grown to love here in New York […]

Fish Slap with John Cena

-We’re joined right now by the one and only John Cena, everybody. [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ -That’s the good news. -The bad news is John and I are about to face off in a brand-new game called “Fish Slap.” Now — [ Laughter ] -Whoo! -It works like the game “High or Low.” […]

Why Dogs are Millennials’ Best Friends – Dogtopia’s Neil Gill on Cheddar TV

So tell us how Millennials and Dogtopia are really going so well together Why you identified this as a critical business opportunity? Yeah, the sector is growing rapidly guys and it’s been driven by the fact that Millennials understand the need for socialization of dogs and They’re treating dogs now like they’re treating children, and […]

STD Update: Dr. Gill Confronts Kim

(audience applauds) – Welcome back, thank you, thank you very much. You’re probably wondering what in the Sam Hill am I doing on The Holderness Family channel? Well, I’ll tell ya. Heh, I’m not dancing in my jammies (audience laughs) that’s for dag gone tootin’ sure. Nope, I’m here because Penn and Kim need to […]

Sam Herring (Future Islands) – What’s In My Bag?

I’m on the west coast, I’m at Amoeba Music, and I’m a hip-hop head. I’ve got a bunch of records here. I want to start this by saying you guys really messed me up because I’ve been trying to stay out of record stores because this is what happens. When I was 13, 14 years […]

A Tribute to Gill Dalley of the Soi Dog Foundation

I don’t think too many people achieve their goals, their aims, their dreams… um, and I’m not one of those people who’s going to go to the grave thinking “what if?” There’s nothing I haven’t seen I don’t think. You get dogs with their jaws wired up so they can’t eat or drink. Dogs set […]

How to Cook Gill-to-Tail with Antonio Park

Shark Attack Survivors Speak Out On How They Made It Out Alive | TODAY

Zayn Malik’s ‘love interest’ Neelam Gill: Model talks about Zayn earlier this year

Now everyone’s talking about a certain One Direction member being here, are you a directioner? Umm…I do like rap music, but no, um, Zayn’s a nice guy, I’m happy he’s being honoured tonight and I think it will be a great night. Yeah, and how did you feel when he left the band? Um, honestly? […]