Prussian Carp In Alberta, Canada: The truth about this invasive fish species.

Never release aquarium plants or animals

Some safe alternatives include trading them with friends returning them to the pet store disposing of them properly. Disposing of plants in a sealed bag in the trash is the safest option. And always ask your local retailer for advice. Remember any release of pets can be a danger to Michigan’s lakes and streams Ultimately […]

How to Cook Blue Catfish

bjbj My name is chad wells I m executive chef and general manager at the rockfish bar and grill and today we re going to cook some blue catfish I like to use invasive fish. Every time you re taking a bite out of a snakehead, that s one rockfish that s maybe living another […]

The Most Horrific Invasive Species on Earth!

Here are a few of the most horrific Invasive species on Earth! 6 – Snakehead Fish A fish with shark-like teeth and the ability to walk on land probably sounds like the things of nightmares. But the Northern Snakehead is all too real. Just ask Maryland natives who discovered the fish in a pond in […]