Shark Movies of 2017

We’re not doing shark puns anymore. You have to help us fight the First Order, Shark Hamill Why? Is it another Death Star? They’re making a petition… to take this film out the Star Wars canon! NO! Execute order 66! TAKE THAT! Oh no! My body is being controlled by a white person! Well, maybe […]

Catfish – Make It Rain (Foy Vance Cover)

* Orange Grey Matter All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws In order to avoid copyright infringement, please, do not upload this song on your channel. Only for watching, listening and streaming. DOWNLOADING copying, sharing and making available is strictly prohibited. When the sins of my father Weigh down in my […]

Google Apps for Work Support: Smoky Trout Farm’s Story

[MUSIC PLAYING] DAN MENARD: I was working in the oil industry, and I read an ad in the paper for a beginning aquaculture course. And I phoned Max and asked him if he wanted to come. And he said, sure. And the rest is history. MAX MENARD: My name is Max. DAN MENARD: And I’m […]