Tray Baked Crispy Trout | Jamie Oliver & Tobie Puttock

What up footubers! I hope you’re very well from me, Mr Oliver and the one and only Tobie Puttock woo, hey there foodtubers Me and Tobie have cooked together for… since the 90’s brother. Since the nineties, we sound like an old dodgy band We kind of are an old dodgy band. We probably are. […]

How to Cook Tuna Steak | Jamie Oliver

Lovely people, we’re gonna do how to cook the Perfect Tuna Steak Two very, very different tasting basic ways to cook a Tuna Steak The pan seared is really delicious, more caramalised the charred is much more nutty and its got that little bitter edge that works really will with the lemon juice and the […]

Fresh Seafood Linguine | Bart’s Fish Tales

Hi guys welcome to the new episode of Fish Tales and today I am at the wadden sea this amazingly beautiful piece of the Netherlands where the tides are extremely high and extremely low and this is of course low tides and I’m going to make you a Pasta cockles and it’s the same as […]

How to Fillet a Salmon or Trout | Jamie Oliver

Okay all you lovely people at Food Tube! I’m going to show you how to fillet a whole salmon. It applies also to a Sea Trout or Trout. Same method. I’m using this knife. This is a – This is a filleting knife. I’m using this because it’s quite standard. I’m going to need some […]