Japanese Street Food Tour TSUKIJI FISH MARKET

today we’re going to be trying out some awesome Street food and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Tokyo [Music] hey guys it’s Thursday which means it’s time to once again explore the streets of Tokyo for some delicious food today we’re at world-famous soukichi if you didn’t know already Tsukiji is one […]

Night Fishing in Japan: Something’s Down There, and it’s Huge.

Japan maintains largest commercial fishing fleet in the world, and has invested heavily in technology. To pay for it all they have to bring in an awful lot of fish. Being a fisherman’s the same all over the world — brief spurts of frantic activity interspersed with long bouts of tedium. I realize fairly quickly […]

Japanese Street Food – GIANT OYSTER and Seafood Tour of Tsukiji Market in Tokyo, Japan!

– [Mark] For any food lover, Tsukiji Market in Tokyo is an ultimate culinary paradise. In this video, I’m going to take you on an extreme one-day Japanese street food tour and show you some of the best things to eat at Tsukiji Market, including a huge oyster and some off the beaten path local […]

Shiogama Fish Market – Miyagi – 塩釜水産物仲卸市場 – 4K Ultra HD

Shiogama, located in Miyagi prefecture in Tohoku, is one of Japan’s most important fishing ports and one of the busiest fish processing centers in the country. Shiogama Fish Market with its 140 stalls, is a very popular fish market and offers the best seafood all year long to both businesses and to the public. Like […]

Japanese Street Food – INSANE $500 Sushi In Tokyo + HUGE Street Food Tour of Tokyo, Japan

– Check it out guys it’s Trevor James, we are in Tokyo, Japan, and I am so pumped, we just got here. And we’re going for a full on food tour. Let’s check it out. (upbeat music) This is it Tokyo, the mega food hot spot of your Japanese food dreams. We flew into east, […]

Tsukiji Fish Market – Tokyo – 築地市場 – 4K Ultra HD

Tsukiji Market, or Tsukiji Fish Market as we know and love it, is scheduled to close down and move to a new location in Toyosu by November 2016. While this decision will most probably have a beneficial impact on the business itself, it is on the other hand sad news for anyone who loved the […]

Hakodate Morning Market – Hokkaido, Japan

Good morning! This morning we’re continuing our exploration of Hakodate We’re going to go to Hakodate morning market It’s half eight in the morning So it’s early for us But not really that early! And we’ve wrapped up very warm Today it’s about -11 Agh! I can feel the cold on my legs And we […]

Japanese Street Food Tour of TSUKIJI Fish Market Tokyo Japan

So excited. First official full day in Tokyo. I am going to the famous Tsukiji fish market I seen a lot of photos, videos on Social media as well as growing up and Always wanted to go there, and have some fresh fish. That’s what I’m gonna do today. 🎵 🎵 🎵 Hey, I think […]

Auga Fish Market – Aomori – アウガ新鮮市場 – 4K Ultra HD

The Auga Fish Market, or in Japanese the Auga Shinsen Ichiba, is a famous fish market located in the basement of the Auga Festival City Shopping center in Aomori City. Like its cousin Tsukiji, Auga Fish Market will offer you some of the freshest fish and other seafood in Japan that you can either purchase […]

Furukawa Fish Market – Aomori – 青森魚菜センター – 4K Ultra HD

Located just a few blocks away from the Auga fish market in Aomori City, the Furukawa fish market is maybe by far the most interesting market of the whole area. Indeed, unlike any other fish market in Japan, the Furukawa fish market gives you the possibility to create your own seafood donburi known as nokkedon. […]