Eel Fishing Arcade in Japan | 日本で外国人の女の子が釣り体験♡

We’re gonna start fishing now. Tecchan, please explain how it works. We get points for the different types and size of fish that we catch. The points we can trade in for some prizes. We are gonna try it now! These look like meatballs.. haha It smells like chocolate. It’s like almond chocolate. Oh, my […]

Japan Travel Guide: Osaka 大阪 – Kyoto 京都 – Nara 奈良 | The Travel Intern

Hi we’re going to Osaka! Behind us is the Osaka Castle and other than the main building itself there’s a very large park around here where millions of people visit every year So we’re at another pet cafe and this cafe is a little bit different because we have reptiles! Other than lizards, they have […]