Chicago’s Best Seafood 5: Fahlstrom’s Fresh Fish Market

(fun rhythmic music) I’ve been to some incredible fish markets on this show. Clam chowder. – Help Elliott find some food! – Head on. Skin on, right. – But not many where I can kick my feet up and have them cook the fish right there for me. That’s why tonight, we’re in Lakeview at […]

Chicago’s Best Seafood 5: Logan Bar

(deep exciting music) (deep rhythmic music) I took full advantage of the nice weather this week and I caught myself a load of fish. IF I had a boat, I could’ve towed it, but I didn’t, so I rented one. Now, I had no trouble fitting all my fish in here and hopefully I don’t […]

Chicago’s Best Seafood 5: The Crazy Crab Chicago

(fun energetic music) – This is our seafood episode and when I eat seafood, I like it out of a bag. And thanks to an e-mail from Cathy, we’re in Evergreen Park at the Crazy Crab for just that. Let’s check it out. (exciting music) Okay, Cindy, I grew up around this area and I […]

Chicago’s Best Fish: Isaacson and Stein Fish Co.

I always get to eat on the show but today it’s my turn to cook for the crew that’s why I’m here at Isaacson and Stein to stock up on fish for dinner my crew never gets to sit down an a it’s always me hmm I’m always the lucky one so I want to […]